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I Will Never Ever Learn. And By That I Mean Never (all meals 05/20/09)
May 20, 2009, 6:51 pm
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So you know how I was all happy my maid of honor came to visit me last week and then I had an awesome time in NY with her and my cousin? I’m less happy now because she got me sick. Grrrrrr. I’m not sick enough not to go to work or anything, but I’m all clogged up and it’s giving me a huge headache and I never get headaches. I hate headaches. And I hate not being able to breathe. But apparently I like whining a lot.

I was NOT hungry when I woke up this morning (I never am when I’m sick) but I wanted to go to the gym so around 11:00 I made myself eat a light “breakfast” of 1% cottage cheese and 1/2 an apple.


Around noon I went to spin class. Here’s the deal. I should not work out when I’m sick. It makes me sicker. I have learned this lesson many times, but apparently not enough times to make it really stick. I have heard some people say that working out when they’re sick helps them “sweat out their sickness” or whatever. I REALLY wish I could be one of those people whose body works like that but it doesn’t. I felt weak and horrible all through class and really wanted to vomit but instead of being smart and leaving I pushed through it all and came out of their feeling like crap. And you know what? I’m STILL thinking of going to steps tomorrow because it’s my favorite class of all and it only happens once a week so I really hate missing it. See how accurate the title of my post is? When I say I will never learn, I mean I will never ever learn, even given how crappy I feel right now. And it’s pretty crappy.

When I walked into my office building after the gym, the secretaries ran up to me and asked if I was hungry and did I want to eat a lot and was I in the mood for some fruit. Ignoring their strange behavior I told them that NO i was NOT hungry and NO I did NOT want to eat anything and in fact all I want to do is vomit. I promptly proceeded to walk into my office and found this:


Aha, the secretaries” mysteriously strange behavior solved. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to try an edible arrangements bouquet but have never gotten the chance. But my secret admirer surprised me with one today 🙂


Ryan thinks he’s being tricky, but I got him all figured out. Isn’t he the best?  I’ve been telling him I want to try one of these for sooooooo long now, and I was so happy to come back to this lovely surprise on my desk, especially given how crappy I was feeling. Have I used “crappy” enough in this post yet? Shall I move on to “poopy?”

So that was lunch, a whole ton of delicious fruit and 2 chocolate covered strawberries. I shared with my coworkers and there’s still some leftover for tomorrow- I can’t wait! I know this is not the most nutritionally balanced meal, but when I’m sick I’m happy if I want to eat anything. Honestly I will be so much more flexible with what I allow myself to eat when I’m sick, hoping that something unhealthy might sound tempting but it never does. I contemplated pizza and hot dogs (my guilty pleasures) and all my favorite junk food I could think of just to get some real food in me, but the though of food made my stomach turn. So fruit it was. Delicious delicious fruit.

I have no pics of dinner tonight. Bad blogger, I know. I went out with an acquaintance I am just starting to get to know and couldn’t get up the nerve to tell her about the blog. We went to a Thai restaurant and I ordered a vegetarian tom yum soup and a salad- I ate the cup of soup but only managed about 1/5 of the salad tops before feeling too sick to eat anymore. Boo.

I am going to try to get to bed early in hopes of feeling better tomorrow. Night guys, thanks for reading!


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GAH! I am SO jealous of your Edible Arangements delivery. Seriously. I have always wanted one of those and droppedall sorts of hints to Matt but thus far they have failed.
I’m so sorry you’re sick…REST UP! Think of it this way: if you go to the gym tomorrow, you will not get better, and thus you will not be able to workout in the longer term. REST!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

Awh, sorry about being sick! Hope all goes well. But mmm, that edible arrangements is so cute!!!!

Comment by Sharon

I should have thought of that!

Comment by Ryan

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