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Empty Nest (New York Recap- all meals 05/16/09 and 05/17/09)
May 17, 2009, 5:49 pm
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After a grueling five hour bus ride that made my butt hurt from sitting on it for so long, I am finally back in Boston. And not so happy about it. I came home to an empty nest- not having Ryan here to greet me was pretty depressing. I know I am being a big whiner, but I really miss him.

On a happier note, New York was awesome. I got two hang out with two of my best friends (one will be my maid of honor and the other one of my bridesmaids). I cannot possibly explain here how much fun I have with these girls and how grateful I am to have them in my life. Together we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, went to the theatre, meandered around East and West villages, boogied at Bulgarian bar, listened to some amazing jazz in Harlem, and talked about my wedding! The main decision to be made this weekend was wedding colors. I found plenty of inspiration around New York to work off of:


That coral with the yellow is gorgeous, isn’t it? And check out what an amazing color palate mangoes provide:


I would love to work with both of these color schemes, but unfortunately any shade of red or pink clashes with my hair like crazy. So we talked about other options, like lavender and cream or maybe a purple/green (with chocolate brown?) color scheme. What do you guys think? It’s a summer wedding- the ceremony will be outside and the reception inside. I want the colors to be fun and summary but also elegant and they need to go well with me (check out my about me page if you need to know what that means- I have red hair and pale skin and rosy cheeks to red and pinks are OUT). Any suggestions? Please?

Ok, enough about the wedding. Onto the food. I woke up Saturday knowing exactly what I wanted for breakfast- cottage cheese and cantaloupe. Luckily my friend hooked me up, and then some. I added a piece of whole wheat double fiber toast to round the meal out.


I had a peach a few hours later:


Lunch was bought at the Hummus Place, a restaurant run completely by Israelis which made for some damn good hummus. On the left is a side of eggplant, on the right warm hummus with sauteed garlicky mushrooms which was insanely delicious. I also got a very fresh and fluffy whole wheat pita with the meal (not pictured). If you’re in New York and want some good hummus, go here!


Dinner was very late and I’m sorry to say I have no picture of it. We were out and about and my camera was at home because I knew we were going out dancing and I didn’t want to lose it. It wasn’t very exciting- 1 (big) slice of not very good pizza with arugula, sundried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts. Sounds delicious. Tasted mediocre.

After a night out, we slept in veryyyyyy late and woke up to make a delicious brunch: cottage cheese, 1 slice of whole wheat double fiber toast, and an egg over easy.


I finished brunch off with a cup of tea and a piece of calcium/ vitamin D dark chocolate (basically just like an Adora disk).


Then I spent almost 8 hours on subways and buses getting home, and came home ready to chew my arm off. I decided a turkey sandwich would be more delicious and made that instead. Toasted whole wheat sandwich thin, TJ’s eggplant garlic spread, spring lettuce mix, and turkey.


And a perfectly delicious grapefruit:


And now I’m off to shower, unpack, make tomorrow’s lunch, and think up other stuff to do so I can avoid getting into that empty bed for as long as possible. Thanks for reading guys.


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THOSE MANGOES!!! AHHHHHH, LOVELY! hahaha, my favorite fruit of all time! πŸ˜›

Comment by Sharon

Glad you had fun in NY. I love NY!! That hummus dish looks awesome πŸ™‚

Comment by Elina

Oh and my wedding colors were brown and blue.. not sure if you like those but they worked well in my wedding πŸ™‚

Comment by Elina

yay new york! glad you had a great time even though you had to return to an empty apartment 😦 i think purple and green sounds gorgeous…like a grassy/limey green?

Comment by sue

I’m glad you ahd a great weekend πŸ™‚ NY must be amazing. One day!!
I never thought about wedding colors clashing with the bride! Hmmm…I like the idea of a green somewhere in there.

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

yesss! i’d love to eat out with you soon! this week is hard for me because i won’t have my car…but the weekend or anytime next week is great. i want to try myers + chang for lunch, but if you’re only free for dinner then no complaints about getting korean πŸ™‚

Comment by sue

First of all, I wasn’t aware that you were thinking of a tropical wedding, which is what those colors would make it. Second, that silver ball is way cooler than those rectangular ones at home. Third, why is your grapefruit cut into 4 pieces? And the skin is still on? What is going on, the world is spinning? You NEVER eat grapefruits like that. My absence is striking at the very core of your being if it is changing the way you eat fruit.

Comment by Ryan

Babe- that’s because it’s a calcium chocolate and NOT a calcium chew- I like it better! And I figured out this is a better way to eat grapefruit- much less messy!

Comment by innascribbles

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