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Feelin Good (all meals 05/13/09)
May 13, 2009, 6:04 pm
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I am feeling so energized and invigorated right now- not a state Im usually in at 10 pm! The weird thing is that I was actually super productive today and got so much shit done, but instead of it tiring me out it’s only motivating me to get more shit done. Funny how that works, no? It’s actually the same way with weight loss for me- when I see progress I am extra careful about making healthy choices and exercising a lot rather than cutting myself some slack because I am motivated to see even more progress! Anyway, I was a busy bee at work today, breaking only to go to spin class and do some strength training on my arms. After work I went to a store near my house where we get all our kitchen stuff to buy a few more glasses (Ryan breaks them a lot) and empty spice jars. When I got home I got right to researching wedding coordinators, putting out calls, getting quotes, etc- I think I have narrowed it down to 2 I really like! After that task was checked off, I started calling all of our credit card companies and our bank to let them know we are moving. Then I made dinner and watched the America’s next top model finale (very important!) before getting right back to work researching more wedding stuff and starting to pack for NY. Speaking of which- I am going to NY! Not sure when yet, but it’s going to be either Thursday night or Friday after work. I doubt I’ll be posting this weekend, but expect a recap when I get back!

Whew, that was long. Sorry. On to food so I can go get more stuff done!

Breakfast was a repeat. Story of my life- I hot snooze too many time and wake up 5 minutes before I have to bolt out the door. So a yogurt it was. At least this time I also grabbed a plum.


Lunch was delicious, thanks to Amy’s. I had a roasted veggie tamale that tasted awesome, and boasted some pretty great nutritional stats too! 9 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, just under 300 calories (280 to be exact).


And an apple:


For dinner I made myself a roasted veggie and hummus filled pita. OMG I cannot get enough of these things. Trader Joe’s 100% whole wheat pita, sabra hummus, roasted mushrooms, bell pepper, and onion. Aka a partay in my mouth.


Alright guys, I’m off to go finish packing in case I do leave tomorrow. Night, and thanks for reading!


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mmm…tamales 😀 have a great time in new york!!

Comment by sue

Hope all goes well with the packing!!

Comment by Sharon

Have fun in NY and great job on being so productive!

Comment by Elina

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