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Early Post (breakfast and lunch 05/08/09)
May 8, 2009, 1:07 pm
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Hello ladies and possibly gents. I actually have no idea if any guys read my blog because my only comments (except those of Ryan) have been from ladies…. Anyway I decided to do an early post today as I’m back from prison a little early and we have a while until we’re set to meet our friends for a dinner out. I don’t think I’m going to want to post later tonight seeing as it’s my last night with Ryan before he goes off to CA for 10 weeks starting tomorrow 😦 That’s really gonna suck. I mean we’re going to make a few trips out here and there to visit one another for the weekend, but still…I know we can handle it– we did 4 years of long distance (both across the country when he was in CA and across the Atlantic when I was in Scotland) before finally settling down in the same city– but it’s going to suck regardless. So be warned- you’ll be hearing me whine about how much I miss him for the next 2.5 months.

Ok, on to food because Ryan will be home soon and I want to be done posting by the time he’s back. For breakfast I wanted to have whole wheat sandwich thins with light laughing cow cheese and lox. Unfortunately I only had enough lox to cover 1/2 a thin…But I ate it anyway 🙂


While driving back from prison I had a plum and an apple:


And lunch today was the most delicious thing EVER. I stuffed leftover garlicky roast veggies from last night into a whole wheat pita with some hummus. I can’t even begin to describe the deliciousness that this was. It kind of reminds me of a clam in this pic:


Hope you guys have a good start to the weekend!


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We had similar lunches today 🙂
Enjoy your night tonight and the fun weekend ahead!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

Mmmm delicious – enjoy your weekend!

Comment by Sharon

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