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Overwhelmed (all meals 05/06/09)
May 6, 2009, 5:59 pm
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Hello all! I am really glad to be able to say that we are officially more than halfway through the week.  These past few days have been really exciting with the engagement and post engagement high (which still hasn’t fully worn off), but they’ve also been a bit overwhelming and I am starting to get a little stressed. I know I have a good long while to plan everything since we want to get married July of 2010 but holy crap there is a LOT to do to get ready for a wedding! And what’s even more stressful is that i don’t even know the half of it yet! Rather than stress, though, I’m going to try to channel the energy I have into something productive and actually start planning slowly, piece by piece. As long as I’m getting even the tiniest little something accomplished every day, I think I’ll start feeling a lot better. Today, I discussed the budget with my parents (who are being incredibly generous and funding the vast majority of the event) and started browsing different types of wedding dresses online. For those of you who are married/ engaged- what resources did you use/are you using? I know of and but that’s about all. Were there any websites you found particularly helpful in getting started? Ps- Sorry if you’re bored by the wedding talk but I gotta say I’m pretty excited about the whole thing and it’s going to be a huge part of my life this coming year so you’ll probably be seeing me write a ton about it. Obviously feel free to skip on over it if you’re not interested.

Another thing that’s been stressful this week is the lack of gym time. I went last wed, thur, fri, and sat and then took sunday off. I went again monday but wasn’t able to go tue (court hearing), today (office lunch event), and probably can’t go thur or fri (court hearing thur, prison visit friday) or this weekend (my best friend and maid of honor is flying in from CA). I guess it’s only a week but still it just makes me feel shitty. I want so badly to exercise and I just haven’t had the time- I swear I’m not even being lazy about going because at this point I’m seriously craving some hardcore exercise. And I’m more motivated than ever because I won’t lie- I want to feel beautiful on my wedding day. This is one day where I REALLY don’t want to be wondering if I look fat in my dress, you know? I just want to look and most importantly feel good, and not being able to go to the gym this week is stressing me out about that. And I know that’s silly because it’s only a week but that’s just how I feel now…

Anyway, enough bitching and moaning about feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and fat. On to a much happier topic- food!

I woke up not hungry at all this morning. Weird after a pretty light dinner last night…Anyway I decided to listen to my body and have a light-ish breakfast and then just have a morning snack if I got hungry before lunch…Breakfast was 1/2 of a whole wheat sandwich thin spread with crunchy Barney Butter goodness and some strawberries:


Not surprisingly, I got hungry about 3 hours later. I didn’t want to eat too much though, because our office was going out for lunch is about an hour. So I had a plum to tide me over:


I’m sorry to say I have no pictures of lunch today. Our office went out to Ivy Restaurant to say goodbye to a coworker that was retiring = I had no office to run into to take photos of my food. I ordered the house salad with grilled chicken, no cheese, dressing on the side. It was just ok. It was also pretty small and I was still hungry after finishing all of it. Lots of people felt the same way after their meal and ended up ordering a second dish but instead I split dessert (tiramisu) with a coworker. It was also just ok to be honest.

For dinner I whipped up a burrito bowl- romaine lettuce, lean ground turkey, black beans, corn, sauteed bell pepper, guacamole, and salsa. I had it with some organic black bean tortilla chips on the side. Total nummers:


Oh, and when I sent Ryan to the store to buy rommaine lettuce the evil boy came back to the house having bought sour patch kids. Which I love and have a hard time resisting. Bastard. Of course I had a few for dessert (ps- this is a staged photo- I totally picked out the red and orange ones as they’re my favorite):


And that’s all for tonight folks. Hope you had a delicious Wednesday. Goodnight!


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I don’t know what you’re talking about, we’ll knock out this planning thing the weekend before. You worry too much 🙂

Comment by Ryan

do you guys SEE why I have to worry? I have to do 2 people’s worth of it! 🙂

Comment by innascribbles

Inna, I am loving the wedding talk already…do not apologize for it or censor yourself! And do not even worry about you in that dress…you are going to be HOT STUFF, even if you guys got married tomorrow. But you’re not, so don’t even worry 😉

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

You have plenty of time! No need to worry!! Adam and I got engaged in April and I don’t think we did anything until July. Well we were moving from NY to Boston so I guess that had something to do with it, but still – it came together at the end (we got married the following July).

As to suggestions – I used to do the budget. I input what we wanted to spend and it gave me a breakdown. It was a good baseline. Of course some things cost more and (hopefully) other things cost less. We needed to evaluate what was really important. After that we started searching for the site (do you have one in mind?) using theknot as well. We actually hired a wedding planner for a while (because I thought this was going to be too much work) but she sucked so I fired her. Ha. She did show us the hotel we finally ended up getting married at and the people there were so incredibly knowledgeable. They gave me recommendations for everything else (florist, make up artist, etc.). I found the photographer through a recommendation from an acquaintance. I’m happy to meet for coffee or something if you need tips or recommendations for Boston vendors (are you getting married in Boston or somewhere else?).

As to the gym, it’s going to be ok. I get crazy stressed out (and a little bitchy) if I don’t work out but looking at this objectively – it’s really not the end of the world. I recommend just accepting that you won’t be able to go (unless you have time to squeeze in a quicky home workout in the morning?) and then just do what you have to do. If you constantly try to fit a workout in and then fail, then you’ll feel worse. I bet taking a week off will make your workouts extra good next week! 😀

Comment by Elina

thanks for the suggestions Elina! I would love to meet up and grab coffee or a drink sometime this summer and get some tips if you dont mind. we are actually getting married in san francisco but we’re planning on hiring a wedding planner to help us out since it’s going to be hard planning a wedding from across the country.

Comment by innascribbles

Sounds good 🙂 Shoot me an email (or leave me a comment on the blog) when you want to meet up.

Comment by Elina

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