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My Face Is About To Fall Off…(Israel Recap part IV)
May 4, 2009, 5:53 pm
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My face got some serious hardcore exercise today- I have been smiling nonstop! I woke up smiling. I got dressed and brushed my teeth smiling. I continued smiling when I got a congratulatory bouquet of flowers from my parents and another one from a close friend sent to my work today.  I smiled all through spin class. I smiled every time I looked down at my ring, which was a lot. Trust me on that one. Productive day at work? Not so much. I did the best I could considering I couldn’t stop looking at my hand. I am easily distracted, especially by shiny things 🙂

Ok, focusing on food. I think this is going to be my last recap of Israel food. I may change my mind on that and do more later, but I’m kind of ready to get back to my regular meal posting. So, I’ll leave you with a recap of a really cool store I went to in Tiberias, a city in the North of Israel. I have no idea what the shop is called, but it was a fairly small store that was run by a kibbutz, and basically all the food they sold there was made in the kibbutz itself by the people who live and work there. For those of you who don’t know, here is a little explanation of what a kibbutz is from good ol’ wikipedia.

There were so many new, interesting, and most importantly yummy things that I was seriously overwhelmed when I walked in. I could have spent hours in that little store checking out each product and spice it had to offer, but unfortunately my parents had other plans for our vacation. They did let me stay for a good while though. One of the first things that caught my eye was these stuffed dates:


The kibbutz store had like 20 different types of dates you could buy, and there were samples of all of them! I helped myself of course 🙂 Imagine a long row of the picture below…


There was also wine made from dates! How cool is that? I brought some back for my coworkers, and I can’t wait until they break open the bottle because I’m dying to try it!



Oh and there were spices galore. I live for spices. I don’t understand cooking without spices- I like my food bold and flavorful! There were baskets upon baskets full of them, rows and rows of baskets filled with every spice imaginable. And the spices were made with such great whole ingredients that you could literally just eat the spice, no other food necessary. People were doing it, and I followed their lead to decide which ones I wanted to get. I literally spooned the spices into my palm and then put that into my mouth. And it was delicious.


And that wasn’t even half of it 🙂

They also had all sorts of tasty sauces, all of which you could taste!



And guess what they had right by the checkout counter?


There was a lot more good stuff there, but this post is probably long enough and I don’t want to overwhelm you guys. Bottom line? I made my parents take me back there the next day for round 2 🙂

Night guys! “See” you all tomorrow for the transition back to regular posting!


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Great will power on the spices. Seeing how much they had I am amazed that you managed to resist and bring home only the one plastic grocery bag.

Comment by Ryan

I think it’s awesome that you found Larabars there 😉 Looking forward to your regularly scheduled programming soon!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

Oh my gosh, that is so neat! Such an array of spices, and LARABARS! I need to try them!

Comment by Sharon

Oh my god oh my god oh my god CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’m so excited for you! And you are going to be a ridiculously gorgeous bride – I hope you know that.

I wanted to ask you about another blogger get together – I was thinking about organizing something around the movie “Julie and Julia,” which comes out the 21st. Can you email me at

Looking forward to seeing you again…

Comment by macduff

Whoa, what an awesome place!!

Comment by Elina

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