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Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Israel recap part II)
May 1, 2009, 8:51 pm
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One of my days in Israel was spent in a wonderful little city called “Tsfat” in the North of the country. Tsfat is a little artist town with tiny winding streets and galleries galore. It is hands down one of my favorite places in all of Israel. My parents and I didn’t have any definite plan for how we wanted to spend the day in Tsfat- we just wanted to wander the streets and discover cute shops and galleries as they came along the way. Not long after our arrival, however, I spotted a very alluring little sign:


And then another:


And then about 20 more, all promising to lead me to cheese. I love cheese a whole lot, so of course I forced my parents to join me in following the signs to the promise land, wherever they may lead. After many twists and turns along little alleys, we ended up at the cutest little cheese factory/shop ever. The entire factory was two tiny little rooms- one for making the cheese and one for eating it. We were quickly and warmly invited into the eating area:


And given samples of LOTS of different cheeses to try:



I think my favorite of all was the feta, though they were all pretty amazing. While sampling the cheeses, we were offered some very fresh squuezed juice from their fruit and veggie selection:


I picked pomegranate and it was made right there for me!


We were also given some halva to sample. They made their halva with honey instead of sugar which I thought was really cool- healthier and insanely yummy!


And after all the sampling, it was time to order what we wanted to eat for real. I would have been happy with just eating more cheese and halva, but even on vacation I try to eat at least somewhat balanced meals and I can’t say that would qualify. As far as meals, there weren’t many choices. Or any really. They made one thing and you either ate it or you didn’t. We did. A huge tortilla/lavash-like thingy but way more delicious than a that. Kind of like a crepe-like consistency but HUGE. This is it after it’s been folded in 3:


It was then topped with a yogurty cheesy spread and some kind of spice I can’t remember the name of:


And folded over to be eaten:


I don’t think you can tell how big this thing is from the photo. My mom, dad, and I shared one of these between the three of us and were stuffed. Look, it’s almost as big as my mom’s torso!


As you can see, I enjoyed some bites too:


Sexy picture, I know. No need to tell me again.

After stuffing ourselves, I asked to go into the second room where they made the cheese and got a peak in! First, cooking on the stovetop:


Then, chilling in a barrel:


Placed portioned into baskets to have excess water drained out:


And setting (post excess water being squeezed out):


Cool huh? Let this be a lesson in future travels- follow signs that lead to cheese!


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This is awesome and such a cute post. I love the fresh pomemgrate juice!! Take that, Pom! Very cool.

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

Oh my gosh, so much fun! And yes to pomegranates! but ooohh, that abundance of carrots is calling my name!!! šŸ˜›

Comment by Sharon

oh my gosh..all that cheese! i bet the feta would have been my favorite too. i don’t know what halva is but it looks really good!

Comment by sue

All this food looks so wonderful. I used to live in Israel so of course I ate the food, but I don’t think I’ve tried that many unique places there. Makes me want to go back and have a food inspired vacation, the way I usually like them šŸ˜‰
I really love all the recaps!!

Comment by Elina

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