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Quickie (all meals 04/07/09)
April 7, 2009, 2:38 pm
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Hey guys! I have just a very brief moment until Marina gets home and we go out to grab some dinner so I thought I’d try to get my post in right now…It’s going to be a quickie but at least there’ll be one 🙂

I stayed up really late last night chatting and catching up with Marina and finally forced myself to go to bed at nearly 2 am. Ugh, I am not used to these late nights and my body did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. So breakfast was a repeat of yesterday’s grab and run out the door yogurt that I ate in the office:


A few hours later I had a pre-workout snack of an orange:


I pushed myself really hard at the gym today, running a fast mile (for me, not in general) as a warm up and then taking a hardcore bootcamp class. My legs were shaking in the shower 🙂

I came back pretty ravenous so I had leftover tofu veggie stir-fry for my lunch. By the way, those things that look like noodles are actually bean sprouts. And it was just as good today as yesterday even though it didn’t photograph very pretty.


And an apple to round off the meal:


I’m not bringing my camera to dine with us tonight (sorry) but I can tell you what I’ll be eating! We’re going to a Burmese restaurant in Allston called Yoma. Burmese food is one of my all time favorite cuisines and when we are back home in San Francisco Marina and I often go to one of our favorite restaurants in the whole city: Burma Superstar. I was dying craving it last year and after some research found that Allston also has a Burmese restaurant so of course I had to try it. It’s very very very different from the food in SF, but still incredibly tasty so of course I have to bring Marina there. I’m planning on ordering the green mango salad which is insanely delicious. But it’s also kind of small, so maybe I’ll convince Marina to split a soup dish with me as well.

Alright guys, this may be the shortest post EVER but I have to run. Hope you guys are having a good Tuesday!


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Oh, have a blast tonight!!! And delicious eats overall today. I totally want your lunch!

Comment by Sharon

i’ve been meaning to try yoma, i lived so close but never got around to it 😦 i’ve had home cooked burmese though and that was awesome. hope you two had a great dinner!

Comment by sue

Your lunch looks delicious. I’ve never heard/been to a Burmese restaurant. Sounds interesting…

Comment by Elina

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