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Rush Rush Rush (all meals 04/06/09)
April 6, 2009, 6:08 pm
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Today has been all about rushing around trying to get things done. Ever since I overslept this morning it’s been go go go nonstop, and it’s not over yet. I could barely drag myself out of bed since I had such a late night last night (well, late for me for a work night) so I snoozed my alarm like 50 times and before I knew it was 10 minutes before I had to be at work and I was still in my pajamas. Good thing my office is so laid back. I didn’t want to push my luck though, so I brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, grabbed this yogurt from the fridge and bolted out the door. And thus, breakfast was born:


I had a glorious reunion with the gym today after taking the 3 days I was on vacation in South Carolina off. A 1 mile run on the treadmill as a warm up (my fastest to date!) and then a wonderfully sweaty spin class. Oh exercise, how I love you (usually). Well, maybe not YOU exactly, but I love how you make me feel 🙂

Lunch was a can of Amy’s low fat vegan split pea soup. I ate about 3/4 of the can:


And I polished lunch off with an orange:


After work I had a lot to take care of. One of my absolute best friends is flying into Boston tonight and staying with me for a few days and I wanted to make sure the house was clean and stocked full of goodies for her. Our place wasn’t too messy, but I needed to unpack and take care of cleaning up some little things here and there. After taking care of that it was off to the grocery store to stock up on fruits, veggies, hummus, and other little treats- I want to make sure there’s plenty of yummyness for her to enjoy while she stays here! I got home around 7:30, and was definitely ready to eat! For dinner I whipped myself up a quick tofu and veggie stir fry that was actually really yummy- yay I cooked a good tofu dish!


Ryan had trader joe’s organic mac and cheese for his dinner and I helped him out a bit with that 🙂

And then there was dessert. 1/2 of an apple and a dollop of PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams. I actually shockingly didn’t eat too very much of the Dark Chocolate Dreams at all- I thought I would want it but after my weekend away from fruit all I wanted was some nice fresh fruit on it’s own so I mainly just stuck to the apple:


After dinner I set off to work making Marina’s (my friend) favorite cookies- I want to be able to greet her at the airport with them. Oh, and I started preparing stuff for the Passover seder we’re going to have at our house on Wed. night. For those who don’t know, that’s the traditional passover meal and ritual that Jews have the first 2 nights of Passover. A lot of foods are symbolic and so it’s important to me to make at least those. Today I chopped up apples and walnuts and boiled an egg. A little at a time will make things less hectic, right?

I’m not sure how posting will work when Marina is here. I’ll try to do my best to post as much as possible but I’m not quite sure how it’s going to work yet so please bear with me. For now, I’m off to get more done! I have about an hour until I have to leave to pick Marina up from the airport!


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Have a blast with Marina!

Comment by Sharon

I have never had split pea soup! One of those fears I never overcame as a child! Weird, huh? Do you think I would like it?
Lovin’ the tofu. I notice you’re going more vegetarian on meals lately!
Those oatmeal cookies you sent are so good. I don’t see how the Kashi ones could be better. Matt asked for one the other night and I reluctantly let him have one, but I only have six left now and they are MINE! Are you out of Percy Pigs? Would you like more in your life?!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

Lara- I love split pea soup. I like it better from scratch, but this one was still pretty good. It kind of reminds me a bit of lentil soup in terms of nice thickness and consistency. Give it a try- I think you’ll like it!
I am trying to eat more vegetarian meals- the one last night was actually pretty good!
And I am SOOOOOO glad you like the cookies. It’s funny how you describe that about Matt because that’s how I was with Ryan about the Percy Pigs- I let him have one and growled at him anytime he came with 5 feet of my precious stash 🙂 You’re SOOOO sweet for asking, but I’m good on the percy pigs for now. I might try to hit you up for some this summer though 🙂

Comment by innascribbles

I hear you on exercise – sometimes I don’t love it, but I definitely love the way it makes me feel… once I’m done 🙂
Have fun with Marina! And what a sweet idea to make cookies for her!!

Comment by Elina

i need to squeeze in a spin class sometime this week at the gym!

Comment by Summer Slim

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