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Hello From South Carolina!! (all meals 04/03/09)
April 3, 2009, 6:19 pm
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Hi all! Ryan and I arrived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina super late last night and by the time we got my bag and got to the hotel I was wayyyyyyyy too tired to post. I crashed and slept really well on our king size bed! I have decided this is the only way to sleep and we HAVE to get a king ASAP- it was so wonderful having all that space to stretch out 🙂

Our first day here has been wonderful, even though it started out kind of rough. We slept in super late, woke up nice and refreshed, took our time getting ready and out of the hotel room, and then wandered off in search of food. Unfortunately we wandered the wrong way and ended up along some highway with no food or taxis or anything remotely helpful in sight. Now anyone who knows me will be able to confirm that I am cranky when I’m hungry and Ryan experienced this firsthand today. Seriously my mom made fun of me for it all the time when I was growing up because she said it was typically men who were so dependent on food for happiness. Well, not me. I hate being hungry- I just feel weak and lightheaded and annoyed by everything. We walked around for like 2 hours (I am not exaggerating) before we FINALLY found food and by that point I was chewing off Ryan’s arm. We went into the first place we saw because honestly by that point I’d eat ANYTHING. The first place we saw ended up being Sr. Frog’s- I took this picture of the tablecloth:


As we were deciding what to get, our waiter brought a plate of nachos to our table. I told him we didn’t order nachos but he insisted it was on the house. Now normally I’m really grateful for free food but nachos aren’t exactly health food and with them sitting right in front of me and me being so hungry they were hard to resist. I tried and failed. Just to give you some perspective, it was almost 2 pm and it was the first thing I’d been able to put in my mouth all day. So I gave in and shared them with Ryan:


For my entree I ordered the taco salad but didn’t eat any of the taco shell. It also came with steak strips on top of it but I didn’t eat those either- just didn’t notice that the salad came with them when I ordered it and wasn’t in a meat mood so I pushed them to the side. The salad itself that I ate was pretty yummy but nothing mind blowing- mixed greens, carrots, pico de gallo salsa, and some cheese. I ate about half the salad and packed the other half to go:


After lunch Ryan and I walked around some more before heading back to our hotel to play in the pool and sunbathe. Tough life, right? Then we went up to our hotel room to relax for a bit. This is when I discovered that I got a bit sunburned on our walk this morning- oops!


So off we went to buy aloe vera/sunscreen and enjoy a walk along the beach. It was beautiful out! Here’s Ryan and his first experience with the Atlantic ocean:


Dinner was the other half of the salad that I had left over from lunch- again no steak or tortilla since I told the waiter I didn’t want those when I asked him to pack it up for me. I kind of wanted something different but I didn’t want to waste food or money so I sucked it up and ate it. But to console myself I also got some frozen yogurt 🙂 Fair trade off, right?

This is vanilla chocolate fudge frozen yogurt and the little kiddie cup is only 90 calories and well worth every last one! I think I’ll definitely be having more of this tomorrow and the day after- the weather is BEAUTIFUL and what better way to celebrate than frozen yogurt?


Ryan and I mapped it and we walked around 7 miles or so today. Not bad for a vacation day! I know walking isn’t like an intense workout or anything, but I’m glad it’s vacation and we still did quite a bit of moving.

Tomorrow morning is our tigers escapade.  I’m going to bed soon so I can have plenty of energy to play with the little cubs! Night guys, thanks for reading!


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Oh wow, that sounds super fun! Have a great time!!!

Comment by Sharon

sheesh! could you rub in the sun and warm weather any more?! 🙂 have a great time with the tiger cubs tomorrow!

Comment by sue

At least they look like nachos with real cheese instead of the freaky stuff. Worth it!
I’m glad you can blog while you guys are there. Tigers guys are so cute 🙂

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

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