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Leaving Tomorrow! (all meals 04/01/09)
April 1, 2009, 4:37 pm
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I am sooooooo excited right now because Ryan and I take off for South Carolina tomorrow! I kind of can’t believe it’s happening- we saw these tiger cubs at a fair in Boston and I told Ryan I REALLY wanted to go to South Carolina to play with them. He said ok, but I thought it would be one of those things that wouldn’t really ever happen, you know? I am a HUGE animal lover so I can’t even explain how happy this is going to make me. When we went to Hawaii a few summers ago and played/swam with dolphins I had the biggest smile on my face for the full 45 minutes- my face hurt for like the next week.

Ok, has all the animal talk bored you yet? On to the food then. For breakfast I toasted Arnold’s sandwich thins, spread a light laughing cow cheese wedge on each side, and then went into the fridge for some lox and saw that it was…dun dun dun….completely gone. SOMEBODY in the house finished all the lox with his friends when they were visiting and didn’t tell me! SOMEBODY owes me another massage because he ruined breakfast:


I also finished off the last two strawberries in the box- no worries because I have another one waiting for me!


After breakfast I drove out to the prison for a visit. I munched on some baby carrots before going in:


I was in the prison for a quite a while- I didn’t get out until almost 5 pm! Needless to say I missed lunch. I grabbed an apple out of my purse as soon as I got in my car and devoured it on the ride back- I was hungry!


Ryan wasn’t home when I got back and I knew dinner was going to be later than usual so I searched for something to hold me over but not ruin my appetite. I ended up grabbing 1/2 of a mini trader joe’s whole wheat pita and some sabra hummus:


For dinner I decided to make fish tacos. Except we didn’t have whole wheat tortillas on hand and I didn’t want to go to the store or eat white tortillas. So instead I just dumped what I would inside my tacos inside a bowl and ate it that way- spicy grilled tilapia, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, fat free greek yogurt “sour cream,” and some shredded japaeno jack cheese. I ate about 1/2 of what you see pictured:


And of course some dessert- a 100 calorie Slim-A-Bear ice cream:


And thats it! I gotta go pack because I haven’t started yet…Night guys!

Edit- my asshole friends in DC thought it would be a funny april fools joke to order me 2 large cheese dominos pizzas and breadsticks and have the pizza guy ring my doorbell and me not know what’s going on and have to pay for pizza i didnt order. i am not amused. especially since i tried to resist eating pizza and failed. grrrrrrrrrrrr.


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have a great time inna! i want to see pictures of cute tiger cubbies when you get back!

Comment by sue

Delicious eats – and have a blast!!!!!

Comment by Sharon

Oh I would NOT be amused with that trick!
Your dinner sounds so good, I think it’s what I have been craving since I got back and I didn’t even know it! Hmmm. Might have to have it tonight.
Have a FUN, SAFE trip!!!

Comment by Lara

I really wasn’t amused- I mean I didn’t even eat a whole slice of pizza but I just felt so crappy afterwards, you know?

Comment by innascribbles

Oh no! I was waiting for pizza pics 🙂
Wait, you ate less than a slice? Give yourself a break, girlie!!! Cheese pizza isn’t that bad for you anyway. Really!
Have fun in S. Carolina!

Comment by Elina

have fun in south carolina!

Comment by Summer Slim

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