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Least Favorite Thing (all meals 03/31/09)
March 31, 2009, 6:57 pm
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Ugh, today sucked. I went bathing suit shopping after work which is like my least favorite thing to do ever. Ever. I went to like 20 stores and shopped for like 3 hours (not exaggerating here) and surprise surprise, found nothing I liked. Poor Ryan was nice enough to go with me and put up with all of it, including all of my whining. What a sport. Boo.

Today didn’t start on such a horrible note. I had a lovely breakfast of 1/2 cup of organic plain non-fat yogurt, 3 large strawberries, and about 3/4 of a small banana:


Then I had a great mid-morning snack of 1 serving of soy crisps (110 calories)- I loved these! I’ll definitely be buying more after I finish this bag:


For lunch I had good intentions of heating up a can of Amy’s vegan split pea soup. But then a coworker asked if I wanted to go eat lunch in the park since it was nice-ish weather out (aka not raining or snowing or below zero). So instead I headed to Subway because I didn’t have any Tupperware to carry the soup in…I got my new usual which makes me not feel guilty about eating out because I think it’s actually quite healthy- 9 grain honey oat bread, turkey, and a TON of veggies topped with vinegar- NO MAYO OR CHEESE. Yay me!


I also had an orange:


After work was over it was time for the dreaded bathing suit shopping trip. Ugh. I knew dinner would be late so I grabbed an apple and a cliff kids Z-bar to hold me over:



After bathing suit shopping, I weighed my options for dinner.  Given my horrible experience and lack of success I decided I need to either starve myself or go to McDonalds. After thinking further and deciding that neither of these were healthy or appropriate options I went for a light and healthy dinner- smaller than I would normally have given that I kind of had part 1 of dinner with the apple and cliff kids Z-bar…I made myself turkey lettuce “sandwiches”- rommaine lettuce, some roasted pepper hummus, and deli turkey on top. This was enjoyed with some baby carrots:


And that’s all folks. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Actually today wasn’t bad- just the last part that involved bathing suit shopping was. I’m going to bed- Ryan has promised me a nice long massage to make me feel better and I can’t refuse 🙂 Night!


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Pretty dinner, love how you plated it! And delicious eats over all!!!

Comment by Sharon

Sorry about the lack of bathing suit success! Luckily it’s still early so there is plenty of time to find one worthy for you to wear 😉
Um, I got back last night exhausted and cranky and generally sad, and your package made me smile SO much. I can’t believe how thoughtful and generous you are. Can’t wait to dig into my goodies, too!
Hopefully we can catch up soon. xoxo

Comment by Lara

Oh no! Bathing suit shopping is the worst. I haven’t done it in 5 years. Yeah, I think it’s time to buy a new one 🙂 You’ll find one, I’m sure! Maybe get a few online and then just return the ones you don’t like? You may be in a less critical mood at home…
Hmm, I don’t think I’ve gotten a massage from Adam since we got married. I knew marriage would change things 😆

Comment by Elina

Lara- I’m so so glad you liked the package! I wish I had gotten to put in everything I got for you but the shipping just got crazy out of control 😦 Enjoy the treats 🙂
Oh, and unfortunately I don’t have too much time to get a bathing suit. I need one for south carolina and we are leaving tomorrow! and then for israel and i am leaving for that in like 2 weeks! boo.

elina- thanks for the sympathy 🙂 it just sucks working so hard and then not seeing what you want, you know? anyway the massage made me feel a lot better 🙂 Ryan used to give them to me ALL THE TIME when we first started dating but in the almost 6 years we’ve been together it’s gotten less and less frequent 😦

Comment by innascribbles

aww sorry about the bathing suit experience. this is totally weird, but i’m pretty okay with the bathing suit thing because i think i’ve already resigned myself to disappointment. but i get so upset over shopping for jeans. hate that.
anyway. hope you find something and in the end, it’s exciting that you have a reason to go bathing suit shopping! yay sun and tiger cubs! 🙂

Comment by sue

love the soy crisps!

Comment by Summer Slim

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