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March 29, 2009, 11:48 am
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Man, it’s been a while since my last post! I really missed blogging, but it just wasn’t an option for me the last few days. Ryan’s friends were staying with us this week and I did not feel comfortable explaining the whole blog business to them. I figured this would be a good experiment- see if I could/would continue to eat as healthy when I wasn’t reporting my food intake to anyone on the internet who cared to read it. The short answer? No. But it wasn’t horrible either…I didn’t go crazy eating a whole ton of unhealthy food (though treats were of course enjoyed :)) but my eating overall was not as well balanced and structured as when I blog. Old habits die hard I guess, and there were a few times when I got too lazy to make myself a meal so I’d just grab random things instead. Now this isn’t horrible I guess because it’s not like I was grabbing chips and cookies and calling it a meal, but my food intake just wasn’t very well balanced/ didn’t cover the food groups as well. When I make meals when I’m blogging I try to make sure most meals include whole grains, protein, veggies, and fruit. That’s harder to do when you’re just grabbing stuff. A bar + an apple for lunch = not unhealthy but I could do a lot better. I don’t like that I need the blog to keep myself in check, but I guess I do for now…This next week (starting tomorrow) should be easier for blogging because it’s just me and Ryan and I think I should even be able to keep up with blogging during our mini vacation in South Carolina. I’m going to try really hard because it’s easy to get sucked into unhealthy eating on vacation and although I’ll be more lax with my eating than usual I still want to try to eat as healthy as possible.

Alright, enough rambling. Onto the amazing vegetarian Indian cooking class I took with Sue!

On the menu: green mung dhal (lentils), palak panir (Indian cheese in spinach), raita (sweet yogurt), and paratha (a type of Indian bread).

My favorite things about Indian food (which is probably my favorite cuisine EVER) is all the amazingly yummy and colorful spices they use. This was maybe 1/4 of them:


The first dish made was the mung dhal- it tasted like 1000 times better than it looks. Absolute perfect deliciousness.


We got to taste a little as soon as it was done cooking!


Next up was the palak paneer. After the spinach was blended with some milk, water, and light cream in a blender it was put in this skillet and some beautifully colored spices were added:


The finished product tasted insanely wonderful:


A raita was made to help cool down our mouths from all the spice 🙂


And then came the paratha making. First, the dough was rolled into little balls:


Sue in action 🙂


Then the dough calls were rolled out:


And cooked:


The finished product:


And my tasting plate of a bit of everything- holy freaking yum. Best Indian food I have EVER eaten:


This class was really different from the last cooking class I took- the teacher did pretty much all of the cooking (= yummy food) and we watched her the whole time and asked questions. I kind of preferred the last class’s method of being really hands on- I think the only way you learn to cook is by doing. But this teacher gave a lot of direction and instruction as she cooked which I really liked.

Unfortunately I had to run to meet up with Ryan and his friends after the class- I really wanted to hang out/stroll around with Sue since we had such a nice time together the week before but Ryan’s friends were leaving soon and they live really far away and I don’t know when the next time I’ll see them is…But Sue and I decided we are DEFINITELY signing up for more cooking classes soon so I see a lot of hanging out in our future 🙂


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Awh, I totally wish I could hook up with you and Sue doing these awesome cooking classes!

Comment by Sharon

this makes me a little sad because i want to be eating the palak paneer right now and forever and it’s not happening. i’m looking forward to more classes 🙂

Comment by sue

that cooking class looks great! indian food is a bit adventurous for me, but looks like you had a lot of fun!

Comment by Summer Slim

ooh, how cool!! where did you take the class?? yum… did you get the recipes?

Comment by ttfn300

ps- have fun on vacation! 🙂

Comment by ttfn300

We need that special butter…

Comment by Ryan

ttfon300- we took the class at Boston Center for Adult Education- they did give recipes but I don’t think I can post them since the class was paid? Please let me know if I’m wrong and I’ll be happy to post!

Ryan- it’s called ghee

Comment by innascribbles

Special Butter.

Comment by Ryan

Wow – that looks amazing! I’m super jealous 🙂
Love love love Indian!

Comment by Elina

[…] lunch of dhal (indian lentils) that I made per the recipe that Sue and I learned when we took the vegetarian Indian cooking class. Actually it was leftover from last night’s dinner that I made which included both the palak […]

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