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Date night (all meals 03/03/09)
March 3, 2009, 7:15 pm
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Hello bloggies! I am just back from my last Spanish class of the series I signed up for. I’m not sure if I’ll sign up for more- I  could definitely use the practice but it’s quite pricey for me ($192 for 7 classes). I’m going to explore some other options, try to go to a few Spanish-English exchanges, and then see how that goes before making a decision about whether I need to continue with formal classes or not. Either way, I’ll have a small break at the very least. One thing’s for sure though- I’m going to try to keep Tuesday night as date night going! It’s great having one night a week set aside to go out, enjoy each other’s company, take a break from cooking, and explore different restaurants and areas of Boston. On next week’s agenda is a restaurant we have a gift certificate to and have been meaning to visit forever- Oleana.

But back to today. I dragged myself out of bed only to find no bananas in the house 😦 And I didn’t have time to pick any up today either. I didn’t realize how dependant I’ve become on then- looking back at my food intake I realize I almost always have 1/2 banana with breakfast now! For breakfast I fixed myself a yogurt bowl, sans banana (how sad)- in the mix is 1/2 cup plain far free yogurt, strawberries, and a zucchini bran muffin all sprinkled with cinnamon. Yummy but I miss my banana. Can you tell I like bananas? Who knew?


Pre-workout I had a kashi bar- dark chocolate coconut. Divine- tastes absolutely just like dessert.


I got in a workout today- yay! Started with a 1 mile interval treadmill run as a warm-up and then went for my sweat-o-liciouis bootcamp class. It’s really cool because I can constantly see progress, see myself getting stronger, being able to do more push ups, hold plank for longer, do more jump squats, etc. It’s so encouraging!

I came back to the office and fixed myself a salad with the last 1/2 breast of the grilled sweet & spicy chicken from a few nights ago. It’s a spring mix base, with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, pepper jack cheese (yup, I went for it!), and of course 1/2 a thinly sliced chicken breast. Drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. Nummers.


And a semi-ripe pear for dessert- wished it was juicier but it sufficed.


For date night dinner we tried a new sushi restaurant-Duozo. This was a must try on my list for several reasons- it got great reviews on yelp (which I use a lot), it had the option of making all rolls with brown rice, and it was in the very cool back bay area of Boston.

In case you can’t tell based on my past sushi blog posts, I love love love specialty rolls so I went straight for those. I ordered the summer roll (cucumber, avocado, tobiko, topped with spicy tuna) and the crunchy roll (cucumber, spicy crumb, wrapped with tuna and salmon), both rolls were ordered with brown rice and so they came! Yay for getting orders right!


I loved loved loved the summer roll but wasn’t crazy about the crunchy roll (too fishy which is weird to say about sushi but true) so Ryan helped me out a bit with that + I left a little of it. I also tried one piece of Ryan’s spicy tuna roll and thought it was REALLY good. Overall though, I still like Taipei Tokyo in Davis Square better, even though they mess up my brown rice requests.

And that ’tis all for the night folks. Night!


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Oh wow, Spanish class sounds exciting!!! And oh wow, TASTY TASTY TASTY!!

Comment by Sharon

I never feel right where are no bananas in the house either. Is that a double negative? Yeah. Banana love.
Great day of eats 🙂 That sushi looks awesome–I want to come on date night!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

I adore those Kashi bars… there’s one in my packed lunch today actually 🙂

Comment by Lauren

the rolls look amazingg- YAY yelp! can’t wait to see what you get at oleana 🙂

Comment by sue

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