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Double the Post, Double the Fun (all meals 02/27/09 and 02/28/09)
February 28, 2009, 7:59 pm
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Sorry for the lack of post yesterday guys. I had a rough Friday with some very difficult prison visits and was exhausted and in no mood to post by the time I got back. I don’t think I can go into too much detail here, but I’ll just say that DOC (Department of Correction) staff can sometimes be very difficult and unpleasant to deal with (depending on who you’re dealing with of course) and yesterday was one of the days where that problem manifested. A lot. I’m happy to report today has been a much more pleasant day.

Instead of doing two separate posts with yesterday’s and today’s meals, I”ve decided to combine both days into one post.

FOOD- 02/27/09

If I had posted yesterday, the title of the post would probably have been “Oops I Did It Again.” That is, I let the prison visits throw off my eating schedule just like on Wednesday. Oh well, not like I had much choice in the matter- work comes first and I eat when I can on days where I have to do visits. I started off my Friday morning with a delicious yogurt combo- 1/2 cup plain fat free yogurt, strawberries, 1/2 banana, a zucchini muffin, and some cinnamon. So good- I love this combination.


I knew I might get stuck at the prison for a while, so I packed an emergency lunch for my drive back in case I got out late. It definitely came in handy as I didn’t get out until about 2:30 pm. I tried to make it as healthy as possible while still covering lots of food groups and packing things that were easy to eat while driving. Here’s what I came up with:

Baby carrots and cherry tomatoes for veggies (I only ate the baby carrots because I tasted one tomato and realized I didn’t like it at all- not sure what was up with that):


An apple for some fruit:


And a Kashi dark chocolate coconut bar for some whole grains and protein. This bar has great stats- at just 120 cals it has 4 grams of both fiber and protein!


Around 4 pm I realized I was still hungry so I cut myself a small piece of the veggie stuffed Russian meatloaf. As promised earlier, here is a picture of the inside. You can’t see too much, but it’s stuffed with spinach, red bell pepper, and onion. Really yummy.


And that was all for yesterday’s food. I totally spoiled my appetite for dinner by eating that snack/lunch addition of meatloaf at 4pm. Boo!

FOOD- 02/27/09

I had a lighter breakfast this morning because I planned to go to the gym in the morning and didn’t want to be full during my workout. I made myself another yogurt combo but left out the usual additions (like muffin or trail mix) that make it more substantial. So breakfast was 1/2 cup plain fat free yogurt, 3 strawberries, and 1/2 banana.


Then I realized I was still hungry and I didn’t want that either (I hate being hungry or full for workouts) so I grabbed a handful of pistachios and then went to the gym.


I had an awesome workout today. I decided to power walk/jog to the gym, take an hour-long cardio kickboxing class there, and then power walk/jog back. Just to give you an idea of what this meant, the gym I went to today is only 1 mile from our place so it really wasn’t that far at all. I used my HRM the whole time and including my trip to and from the gym I burned 790 calories- yay!

I came back and made myself a two part lunch- savory followed by sweet. I started with a side salad of spring mix + cucumber drizzled with balsamic vinegar, some baby carrots, and 1/2 of a whole grain Arnold’s sandwich thin topped with 1 laughing cow cheese wedge and roasted red pepper.


Then for the sweet part I had 2 clementines and a Kashi raspberry chocolate bar. Another great flavor! And again- 120 cals, 4 grams of fiber and protein. I really feel like I am  eating dessert when I’m eating these.



And dinner today was absolutely delicious. We used our stove-top grill to grill up some sweet and spicy chicken breasts- mesquite chicken rub with a little bit of an added kick from red chili pepper, and then barbecue sauce to top it all off. Soooo good. I had mine open faced- 1/2 of an Arnold’s Sandwich thin, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and 1/2 of a chicken breast. The picture REALLY doesn’t do it justice because Ryan was getting cranky wanting to start eating and watching the movie we had picked out to watch with dinner and so he kept hurrying me along. I also made Ryan some oven roasted potatoes on the side and had a few bites of that- they turned out really delicious. We have tons of leftovers (grilled 3 breasts and ate 1 total between the two of us) so hopefully I’ll find some various creative ways of using them.


And a grapefruit for dessert:


We’re supposed to get a huge snowstorm tomorrow so I am not pleased about that. Come on now Boston, it’s March. I am sooooo ready for spring. And now, I am so ready for bed. Night guys!


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Oh wow, love your eats! Delicious!

Comment by Sharon

That is a whole lotta calorie burning! Wow!

Do you buy the roasted red peppers in a jar? I have been wanting to try those but never have.
Did Ryan get my email? And are you around later today for chatting at all? Sorry for all the questions 😉

Comment by Lara

Lara- yup, I buy them from good old trader joe’s- not sure how to make them but it cant be all that hard.
ryan says he did get your email, and yup we are both around for chatting all day 🙂 Call when it’s good for you

Comment by innascribbles

the grilled chicken looks like it came out great! and seriously, what’s up with the snowy weather, it always waits for the weekend too- so annoying!

Comment by sue

Why won’t Ryan try No Pudge?! Tell him that they are the gooest, most delicious brownies I have ver had–there is no way they taste like a “diet food.” Matt is crazy about them. Store them in the fridge and they are heaven!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

he doesnt like sweets at all- remember? stupid boy.

Comment by innascribbles

[…] pepper jack cheese (key), and 1/2 of a leftover sweet & spicy grilled chicken breast from yesterday’s dinner (also key). The combo turned out delicious and I scraped the plate […]

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