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Third Time’s A Charm (all meals 02/26/09)
February 26, 2009, 6:05 pm
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Hello bloggies! Today’s Thursday. And you know what that means? Tomorrow’s Friday. Yay! By default I am automatically in a much better mood today than yesterday, both because the week is almost over and because nothing has broken today. I like it when things don’t break.


For breakfast today I made myself a smoothie with a whole ton of frozen mixed fruit and frozen berries, 1/2 banana, 1/2 apple, a splash of 1% milk, and 1T of Barney Butter for some added substance and staying power. I haven’t had a smoothie in a while and it was really yummy. The only problem with morning smoothies is that a smoothie + coffee is a whole lotta liquid for me in the morning, so I usually skip the coffee when I have a smoothie. And then I spend all day at work yawning. Yup, right through my meeting with my boss. About 10 yawns a minute all through the 1.5 hour long meeting. I’m lucky she’s so wonderful and understanding šŸ™‚


Pre-workout snack:

Back to my usual again šŸ™‚ Fat free, peach flavor.



I barely made it out for a workout today- my meeting with my boss ran late so I BOLTED out the door and ran to my gym. I was just five minutes late for my steps class so all I missed was the warm-up and it’s ok because I got one in by running from my office to the gym šŸ™‚ It was a really really great class, one that I followed up with arm exercises (bicep curls + tricep dips x 3 reps of 15 for each) and then various ab exercises.


Lunch was a Mexican-y salad. The base was rommaine lettuce and added in was lean ground turkey cooked in a bunch of Mexican spices, black beans, salsa, a bit of corn, and sauteed bell pepper with onion. So good. I think I ate around 3/4 of the bowl.


Dessert was 2 clementines and a little dark chocolate covered edamame.



I REALLY wanted some Indian food tonight but knew sushi would be just as delicious and way more healthy. So I was a good girl and went for that. But I love love love Indian food so there’s no way I’m cutting it out completely- it’s just that tonight both sounded appealing so I went for the better waistline and health choice.

Ryan and I went back to that sushi place in Davis Square we went to a little while back that I loved but didn’t know the name of. For you Bostonians, it’s called Taipei Tokyo and it was as delicious today as last time. Still, I’m torn on how I fell about this place. The sushi is absolutely fantastic, among the best I’ve ever had, but it’s two times I’ve been there now and two times they’ve messed up my order. Oh, and they made the same mistake both times. Grrrrr. On the other hand they were really nice, offering to take it back and bring me the right thing, but I just didn’t have the heart to send it back. And the food is amazingly good (well, the sushi- haven’t tried anything else). So I’m torn about how to feel. Maybe third time’s a charm?

I started with a little bowl of Miso soup.


For my roll I ordered the Tiger roll (basically like spicy tuna with avocado) with brown rice instead of white. So yummy. The spicy from the tuna combined with the slightly sweet from the avocado was such a delicious combo. And again, the fish was melt in your mouth good. So good that Ryan had like 4 of my pieces. I almost killed him. I’m still learning to share, especially when it’s so delicious šŸ™‚ It’s ok though, this roll came with 10 pieces in the order so I still got 6 of my own.


And then came the other stuff we ordered. The bottom plate in the photo below is Ryan’s order- he got tuna and spicy salmon rolls. And the top plate was a roll we ordered to share. I can’t remember what it’s called (and it’s not on their menu for some reason) but it was basically spicy tuna inside with spicy salmon and caviar on top. But we ordered it to come with brown rice. Does that look like brown rice to you? Yup, they accidentally made it with white rice instead of brown. I was not pleased. I guess it’s not horrible- it was still a pretty healthy meal all around. I had somewhere between 4-5 pieces of the roll we ordered to share.


And now I’ve come to the a lovely dessert- grapefruit!


I’m going to prison again tomorrow so I hope my eating isn’t compltely thrown off again. I’ll do my best. Night guys, thanks for reading!


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Oh wow, everything looks great!

Comment by Sharon

your smoothie came out such a pretty color šŸ™‚
that sucks that they keep making mistakes with the order! but it’s still awesome that you found a great sushi place with brown rice. oh! and tom won’t come near my rolls so i have no choice but to stuff myself! šŸ˜€

Comment by sue

You’re lucky that you have sushi places that do brown rice! I’m lucky if I can even find decent sushi here, let along with brown rice (except in London, of course). Looks great!

Comment by Lara

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