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I’m Home! (all meals 02/19/09)
February 20, 2009, 10:46 am
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After a long (almost 7 hour) flight back to California, I am finally home! And very very very happy about it. I got loads of thinks I want to do while Im here so I’m going to try to keep this short. I got in late last night so I didn’t have the energy to post then, but here’s a quick recap of yesterday’s meals. Note, they’re not the healthiest but I tried to do the best with what I had to work with.


I made another yogurt combo to start the day off. I used the last of my fat free plain yogurt (about 1/2 cup), some strawberries, 1/2 banana, and a crumbled up zucchini bran muffin. As usual, I sprinkled everything with some cinnamon. Mmmmmm good 🙂


Pre-workout snack:

The usual, in blueberry flavor (my favorite of the ones I’ve tried so far).



I took my favorite steps class and it was as fun and sweaty as always. After steps, I did various ab exercises. I wish I had time for more but I’m glad I at least got in what I did- I’d have WAY too much evergy on that plane if I wouldn’t have been able to make it to the gym.


Lunch was kind of a mess. The plan was to have a can of Amy’s vegan split pea soup (200 cals) , Arnold’s sandwich thins (100 cals) with light laughing cow cheese (70 cals for 2), and two clementines (70 cals). Even though I’m not officially counting calories now, I’m still trying to estimate  and stay within range and 440 is a good number for me to shoot for at lunch. But when it came time for lunch I realized that someone had eaten the split pea soup I brought into work weeks ago and left in the kitchen 😦 I’m sure it was a mistake, but it left me with a lighter lunch than I wanted- just Arnold’s sandwich thins with light laughing cow cheese , and two clementines:



The plan for dinner was to eat the airport since my flight left at 5:55 pm. I figured I’d go through the security line and frantically search for something passably healthy. Well when I got through the security line there was one food option and one food option only- Cosi. Which normally I’d be excited about but this was all pre-made Cosi food so there were no soups and all the salads looked wilty and gross. The only option left was a sandwich and I chose the tuna and cheddar cheese sandwich on their yummy flatbread. Normally I avoid getting tuna sandwiches when going out because they all use TONS of mayo i the tuna salad, but Cosi was nice enough to list all the ingredients they used on the front of the sandwich and there was absolutely no may in this. And surprisingly I really didn’t miss it.Inside the sandwich was tuna salad (tuna and salt), cheddar cheese (full fat I’m sure but there wasn’t a ton in there and at least there was no mayo), and lettuce. It was actually pretty edible for a pre-made sandwich. I ate really early (around 5 pm) since my light lunch didn’t hold me over too long.



I got a little munchy on the plane ride which I guess is normal once I think about it since it was about 8 hours from dinnertime to landing and I am used to eating more often than that. On the plane ride I snacked on a bag of kettle-cooked chips that came with my Cosi sandwich (surprisingly only 140 cals for the whole bag- not bad) and an apple.


My parents and I have a tradition that when they pick me up from the airport they always bring me some of my favorite fruit to munch on for the ride home. This time I got blueberries and blackberries (not pictured)- yum!

Alright, I’m off to go shower and then enjoy the California sunshine. I’ll try to be back later today with today’s meals.


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Awh, that is such a cute tradition! And horray for being home!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sharon

Must be good to be back! I can tell how happy you are just from reading the post. Enjoy yourself, Inna!

Comment by Lara

ah! still so jealous that you’re in cali! hope you’re having a great time!

Comment by sue

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