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Lesson: Check your box when getting takeout! (all meals 02/12/09)
February 12, 2009, 6:03 pm
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It’s been another busy, crazy, hectic, and stressful day at work but at least I have Grey’s Anatomy to look forward to tonight! It’s one of my many guilty TV pleasures. I’m way too embarrassed to talk about the others 🙂 After Grey’s its straight to bed for me- I have a VERY early morning tomorrow because I have about 10 guys to visit in prison so I’m getting an early start. I’m definitely going to have to pack some snacks to dig into as soon as I get back to the car- I highly doubt I’ll be able to wait and make it home before eating lunch. Unfortunately I can’t bring any food into the prison or else I’d definitely do that.

Eeek, I just realized I only have 25 minutes until Grey’s! Gotta get to the food.


I made fitnessista’s breakfast cookie again and loved it! I REALLY suggest you try it if you haven’t yet. This time in addition to the chocolate chips addition I also mushed 1/2 of a banana and added that in as well- it made the whole thing so sweet and creamy and I really felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast. I managed to eat almost the whole thing this time 🙂



I had a pre-workout snack of a Stonyfield fat free peach yogurt. Yum!



I (barely) managed to escape the office for my steps class today. Just the class today- no time for anything else. 411 calories burnt according to the HRM


For lunch I warmed up the last of the leftover sweet potato Indian meatballs with some brown rice. So sad these are gone:(


And 2 clementines for dessert:



The whole dinner fiasco today was weirdddd. I came home from work late and starving so I had a little bowl of mushroom broth soup:


You can see lots of stuff inside the soup but I don’t actually eat most of it- I just like how it flavors the broth. The only thing I eat is the broth and the bok choy.

The I decided I REALLY didn’t feel like cooking because I was tired and cranky. So we decided to to run out to pick up some sushi to bring home- perfect! Still pretty healthy and it let me have a night off. So we go piack it up, bring it home, open the box, and see that they messed up our order. I am MAD and we don’t want to go all the way back there and Ryan tells me I shouldn’t be as upset as I am so then I just get mad at him. I can be upset over the wrong order, right? I was really looking forward to it! So in my rage I go into the kitchen and whipped up a mexican salad with tortilla chips, fage 0% “sour cream,” guac, salsa, and some leftover sauteed peppers and onions.


I had a few bites of this before Ryan showed me that in fact they did put in what I ordered (spicy tuna and spicy salmon roll)- it was his order they messed up. So I put the salad away (I really wasn’t in the mood for Mexican) and had sushi instead:


That made me happier.

Alright, Grey’s is on. Gotta run! Night!

Edit- Having some dried (unsweetened) mango with Grey’s. Yum!


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hello and may i say lovellllyy blog.


what are sweet potato indian meatballs & HOW do i make them???
my dad loves indian food
and i love sweet potatoes.
a fine combo.

Comment by erin

sorry they messed up your order but what they got right looks delicious. hope you enjoyed grey’s i need to have a marathon one day and catch up on the last two seasons!

Comment by sue

Thanks Erin! I’m glad you like the blog 🙂 The recipe is posted under the dinner recipe section- here is the link:

I hope you and your dad enjoy!

sue- i must say the show has gone downhill a bit but i still can’t stop watching 🙂 a marathon is definitely the way to go- that’s how i got hooked!

Comment by innascribbles

Haha–that dinner story makes me laugh because I can picture the scene. Also it seems like something that would happen to me. (Throw a fit, realize there is actually no problem, oh…just kidding…just let me eat now). I’m sure you didn’t throw a fit but you know what I mean 😉

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

No I definitely threw a fit. He started telling me I shouldn’t be upset over a wrong order and i was like AGHHH JUST LET ME BE MAD. I take my food seriously. And then I realized they messed up his order and not mine so I was ok. Don’t mess with me when I’m hungry 🙂

Comment by innascribbles

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