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Good Weather Make Inna Go Happy (all meals 02/11/09)
February 11, 2009, 6:59 pm
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How many of you guys got the Simpsons reference in the title? I hope I’m not the only one. One of the best episodes EVER. “No T.V. and no beer make Homer go crazy.” It’s 50 degrees out and I swear this feels like total beach weather to me. I walked around in a t-shirt and thin little cardigan all day and felt warm- it’s amazing what your body will perceive as warm after its gets used to 15 degree weather! The weather made me really happy and put me in a great mood for the whole day- I just wish I could have been out of work and taken advantage of it more.

As usual, I have too much to get done before I can get to my favorite activity (sleep) so I’ll get straight to the food.


I had a new and wonderful breakfast today- toasted arnold’s sandwich thins with crunchy barney butter and some AMAZING pear butter we picked up at the farmers market during our trip to D.C. This stuff is soooooooo amazing- it’s 100% organic and the only ingredients are: fresh pears, white grape juice concentrate, oranges, lemons, and cinnamon. Also, it tastes like heaven. I topped everything off with 1/2 a banana. My mouth was very happy with me, as was my belly.



Lunch was kinda all over the place today. I started with a salad I brought from home- spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, silvered almonds, sauteed bell pepper and onion, and a little chicken drizzled with some balsamic vinaigrette.


About halfway through the salad my mouth decided it had had enough of that particular taste/combo of flavors (even though it tasted good). Time for something new. And carby. So I put the rest of the salad away, reached into my snack drawer, and pulled out a 100-calories pack of popcorn. Exactly what I wanted 🙂


But wait, then it was time for dessert. And in came the 100-calorie trader joe’s chocolate bar to save the day:



Dinner was kind of weird and all over the place too. Seems to be that kind of day I guess…Ryan and I made a Costco run after work and I wholeheartedly believe Costco pizza to be one of the most delicious things on earth. Judge away. I think it’s spectacular and would be happy eating it everyday if I didn’t have other factors besides deliciousness in mind. Everytime Ryan and I make a Costco trip (about every 3-4 week or so) we get a slice of the cheese pizza there. No way do I ever even try to resist. I know what’s a comin and I’m happy with it 🙂 Today was no different- we got a slice of the pizza and split it. Here’s the whole thing- I ate half of the slice:


I REALLLLLY wanted more after eating it. Thank goodness this was the last slice they had and they said it would be 8 more minutes until another cheese pizza was ready. We didn’t want to wait so we headed home.

One the way home I munched on a clementine we bought at Costco:


The second part of my dinner was mushroom soup. I’ve made this before, and hope to get the recipe posted soon. I think it’s really delicious and it’s definitely pretty healthy. It’s basically mushroom flavored broth since there is no dairy in there at all (just water, mushrooms, veggies, and spices). This time I added baby bok choy to the mix which was new and delicious. Here’s my bowl:


I ate about half of the bowl before I got really full. It’s weird because I know it’s not very caloric at all, but just the water volume of the soup expands in my tummy and makes me pretty full pretty fast. Maybe that’s why they tell you to drink a glass of water before every meal if you’re trying to lose weight?

And then another clementine:


Today was definitely a grazing kind of day. I think my mouth just got bored with tastes easily today (it does that a lot) and wanted a little bit of all sorts of different foods. Oh well, except for the pizza it wasn’t toooo bad of a day.

Off to get items crossed off the to-do list. Night guys!


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I got the title, and I want more of that pizza.

Comment by Ryan

I’m so glad you guys are finally getting some “warm” weather–you deserve a break!
I don’t like curry or Indian food so I can’t fully appreciate your recipe, but Matt says it looks good and, it’s healthy so maybe I will make it for him one day 😉

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

P.S. I want that pear butter!!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

aw Lara I wish I had a bottle to send you! We only got one and now that’s it’s opened and needs to be refrigerated 😦 Next time in DC getting you one of those is on the top of my priority list!
ps- I was thinking since there’s so few ingredients I could probably play around with it and make something very similar myself…

And about the meatballs- I was going to write this when I posted the recipe but forgot: I think what’s cool about the recipe is that since yam/sweet potato is a nice, neutral base (well it’s a bit sweet but that’s about all) you can add whatever spices to it that you like to get it to be whatever type of flavor you want. So if you don’t like Indian food, try adding Thia spices or whatever you like to it and keep tasting until it gets to be the flavor you like 🙂

Comment by innascribbles

Yum on the pear butter!

Comment by Lauren

everything you ate sounds delicious- esp pear butter! and i agree that costco’s pizza is hard to resist! my grandparents (who don’t eat any other american food) pick up a costco pizza once a week. my weakness was always their churros though.

i think the polish stuffed cabbages are pretty similar to the russian ones. they’re supposed to be in a tomato sauce but i left them in the slow cooker so long that the sauce just disappeared and of course tom complained!

Comment by sue

That pear butter sounds amazing. Your breakfast was my favorite 🙂
Oh and I’ve never had Cosco pizza, but that slice looks pretty darn delicious! 😀

Comment by Elina

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