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One Month Anniversary (02/09/09)
February 9, 2009, 5:31 pm
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The completion of yesterday’s post marked one month of blogging for me! I can’t believe it- it feels like I’ve been doing this so much longer! I can’t imagine stopping now, it’s such a part of my routine already that it would feel so weird…even when I take just 2 days off because of a trip or something I’m thinking about the blog all weekend, dying to get back to posting. I never thought I would feel this way, but I’m glad I do!

Tonight is another night filled with crazy amounts of work to get done before I can get to bed, as I assume most nights this week and next week will be. I have about 4 major project deadline coming up at work, the last of which need to be completed by the end of next week, so I’ll be doing a lot of work from home these next two weeks until I finish this stuff off. Unfortunately the day to day chores and responsibilities don’t go away despite the looming deadlines, so I gotta keep up with normal everyday stuff too (preparing lunches and dinner, cleaning, basic hygiene maintenance, etc).  I’m getting so stressed just writing about it!

Ok, enough with the grown up responsibility stuff. On to the food:


I made one of my usuals today but with a slight change- better than cream cheese tofutti spread with lox on top of a toasted whole grain double fiber English muffin (in the past I have used arnold’s sandwich thins). It really hit the spot today and was a great start to the morning.



This kept me full for a really long time so I wasn’t even really hungry for my morning snack, but I figured I should eat something before working out to help fuel me through. So I had a fat free strawberry yogurt:



I managed to escape to the gym during lunch and took a 45 minute spin class followed by some ab and booty excercies I did on my own. Usually spin class kills me, but today I felt like I had the energy to go on and on…I really wanted to hop on the treadmill after and get all my excess energy out, but unfortunately i had a meeting at work to get to and a huge pile of work waiting for me so I had to go 😦 I did burn 410 calories according to my HRM but I know I could have done so much more if I only had the time…


For lunch I warmed up some trader joe’s chicken and vegetable gyoza potstickers and sauteed veggies (green beans, bell pepper, hummus). For some reason I wasn’t hungry though, so I only had half of what I brought- 4 potstickers and about 1/2 of the veggies you see on the plate


For dessert I snacked on some delicious red grapes:


And then my coworkers decided to tempt me with office candy. I’ve been sooooo good about not eating it even though it’s there staring at me all day every day. Honestly, I just haven’t wanted it that much. But today my coworker brought a mini krackel into my office and said I HAD to eat it since she knew I liked them a lot. And then she refused to leave until I ate it. Literally she stood there until I agreed to open it and eat it in front of her.



For dinner I made a chicken fajita salad. I sauteed chicken and bell pepper and onion in various spices (salt, pepper, cajun seasoning, mexican spice, red chili pepper) and plopped that on top of a lettuce spring mix salad. Then I topped everything off with salsa, guacamole, and fage 0% “sour cream.” So good- I LOVE Mexican food.


For dessert I had 1/2 of a gala apple and Trader Joe’s “just mango” slices. These are so good! They’re unsweetened dried mango that taste a bit sweet and a bit tart at the same time- so refreshing!


Alright guys, I’m off to get started on my loooooong laundry list of shit to do before I can do all I really want to do- SLEEP!


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Happy 1 month blogging!!!

Hope you get some rest!

Comment by strongandhealthy

happy anniversary 🙂 i saw that tina was having a meet-up too…did you email her? i’m totally shy and socially awkward in situations like that but it does sound like fun!

Comment by sue

happy Bloggaversary!
Did you snap the photo of the candy in front of your coworker, or go back and stage it later? 😉 Hehe just wondering how that’s all coming along!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

staged it later 🙂 definitely not that brave yet, especially with my coworkers

Comment by innascribbles

oh, and sue yes i did email and am going. you really should come!

Comment by innascribbles

okay, you convinced me! i emailed her 🙂

Comment by sue

yayyyyyyyyyy! can’t wait to meet you in person!

Comment by innascribbles

I’m going to the meet up too! I’m definitely looking forward to meeting you in person!
Happy 1 month anniversary.
I’m not sure if your co-worker was cute or cruel tempting you like that. I still think that you don’t eat enough calories so I guess a few extra calories from the chocolate were a good thing after all 🙂
Oh and thanks for your comment on my blog! I wish I could have stopped at just one chocolate yesterday. It’s ok – I’m all better now! 😀

Comment by Elina

I love TJ’s dried mango pieces- yum!

Comment by Lauren

Elina- so glad I’ll finally get to meet you! I was beating myself over missing the tea tasting, so I’m glad I can make up for it so soon.
And I’m SO happy to hear you’re feeling better! Yay for getting back on track after just one day instead of letting it spiral 🙂

Lauren- Thanks for the comment! I love when new readers comment because I am new to blogging and just discovering all the wonderful blogs out there 🙂

Comment by innascribbles

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