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Cuteness Overload (all meals 02/07/09)
February 7, 2009, 6:02 pm
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The past 24 hours have been so fun, but I’ve had so much cuteness around me it’s getting to be a little much to handle 🙂 I woke up REALLY early this morning after a really great, deep night of sleep. I was planning on going to steps class at the gym but the thought of walking to the subway in the cold dreary weather really put me off. So instead I decided to give working out in my apartment a shot.

I didn’t really want to have breakfast before working out so instead I just grabbed 1/2 of a banana to give me a boost of energy and figured I’d eat after the workout:



I’ve never worked out at home before because I always think I won’t really get a good workout if I do that, but today proved me wrong and I’m very glad it did. I used the “exercise TV” part of our Comcast On Demand and did two workout routines- Bob Harper’s Biggest Loser Cardio Max and Jillian Michael’s Boost Metabolism. These were both pretty challenging, especially just keeping on going and doing one right after the other with no breaks at all. I worked out for an hour and twenty minutes total and burned 659 calories according to my HRM- not bad! I still really like taking classes at the gym, but it’s nice to know I can get a good workout in at home when I don’t want to brave Boston’s cold.


By the time I had finished working out and showering it was nearly eleven! I made myself a nice weekend brunch of two eggs over easy on a toasted whole grain double fiber English muffin that had reduced fat cheese melted on top of it. I then topped the whole thing off with salsa. Pure goodness. In case you’re curious these are Thomas brand English muffins and they have 120 calories and 5g of fiber per serving (1 muffin). The cheese is reduced fat Colby-Jack (50 calories per slice).


After brunch Ryan and I braved the cold and went to walk around Salem’s So Sweet chocolate and ice sculpture festival. Salem’s a really small but really cute town, and as part of the festival it had really cool ice sculptures all over town today. Check out how neat these are:


That ice scream sculpture was in front of a really wonderful candy store called Maria’s Sweet Somethings that smelled like heaven when you walked in. Inside they set up a FREE chocolate fountain for everyone to enjoy! Next to the fountain they put out oreos, marshmallows, strawberries, apricots, and pieces of rice krispies treats that you could take and dip into the fountain all for freeeeee.


I couldn’t say no to that offer, so I had a piece of a rice krispies treat and 1/2 of a strawberry both dipped in chocolate from the fountain. Totally worth it.

After Ryan and I had our fill of walking around Salem, we headed home but decided to pop by a mall that was on the way back since we had a few things we need to pick up. It was around 4 pm at this point and we were both hungry so Ryan headed to taco bell while I headed to a GNC to pick up a snack bar to hold me over until dinner. I was pleased to find a kashi bar there and decided to give it a shot since I’d never had one before:


This bar had 180 calories, 9g of protein, and 6g of fiber and was soooooo delicious- how have i not had these before?? Kashi is definitely going on my “to buy” bar list from now on.

In the mall Ryan and I saw a petstore and couldn’t resist going in, especially when we saw they had puppies. Check out what we got to play with!


That’s an australian shepard puppy we fell in love with. I think this may have put Ryan over the edge and convinced him that we should get a puppy next year when we move to a new and (hopefully) bigger apartment! It was chewing everything in sight and being really mischievous in the adorable way you want a puppy to be 🙂


For dinner Ryan and I just had some leftover Indian food. See, I told you guys it wouldn’t be long until you got to see it 🙂 We didn’t have too much of any one thing left, so our plates ended up being an assortment of lots of little goodies. It’s not a very attractive looking plate, but here it is nonetheless:


What you see is some naan (the bread on the top lefthand corner of the plate), 2 pieces of chicken in sauce (right below the naan), some rice with sauce on top, cauliflower in some kind of sauce (bottom right of plate), and an eggplant thingy (bottom left of plate). All nummers.

All in all, it’s been a perfect Saturday filled with fun activities and delicious eats (some healthy, others not so much). Hope yours was as good as mine!


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what a perfect day! salem, puppies, indian food, and a great workout- i’m jealous!

Comment by sue

OMG, that puppy is SO cute!
Good to know about those workouts on demand. It’s like a class in your living room 🙂

Comment by Elina

Maybe I should see if we have access to workouts on demand? My gym doesn’t have classes and it might be a good thing to change things up!
Those ice sculptures are so cool…the chocolate fountain is awesome!! What a fun Saturday 🙂

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

OK so it’s the next day and I can barely walk because of how sore those workouts made me. Maybe I’m just not in very good shape but I think they’re tough and definitely recommend you guys trying them!

Comment by innascribbles

What a fun day! Love that puppy!

Comment by strongandhealthy

The puppy and I had a moment. Inna didn’t post that one though…

Comment by Ryan

what a cute dog! puppies are so much work, but totally worth it!

Comment by Summer Slim

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