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Not As Planned (all meals 02/02/09)
February 2, 2009, 5:45 pm
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Happy Monday everyone! I am so happy to be back in my kitchen, cooking my meals and getting to blog about them! This is only the second time I have taken a break from blogging, but both times made me realize how much I miss it when I don’t do it. The trip to New York was absolutely wonderful- I got to spend some good quality time with my cousin who is one of my favorite people in the world. Though I won’t blog about my meals there, I will say that I am pretty proud of how I did. I did not go into vacation mode, eating a whole bunhc of unhealthy crap as is usually the case when I go on trips. I actually ate all of my meals in (my cousin and I cooked) with the exception of one dinner, but even then I ordered a soup and salad 🙂 Yay!

Today’s meals didn’t quite go as planned but I tried to do the best I could given the circumstances. I worked from home in the morning since I had a prison visit scheduled for the afternoon so I had a later breakfast than usual. I made myself the best yogurt concoction I have EVER had. In the bowl is 1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, 1/2 of a banana, and 1/2 of a zucchini bran muffin and then I sprinkled everything with a bit of cinnamon. Honestly I cannot even begin to describe how happy my mouth was with this breakfast. If you haven’t made these muffins yet, may I again recommend that you do? Because wow. The whole breakfast was wow. And I love how it fit in so many food groups and nutrients- I got dairy and protein from yogurt, grains from the muffin, and a whole bunch of fruit.


A little while after this breakfast I headed out for my prison visit. Everything went well- the visit was pretty quick, I got out of there even earlier then expected, and started to drive home for lunch. This is where things went array. And by that I mean I drove the opposite direction of home and ended up in Rhode Island before I realized something was off. Let’s just say a good sense of direction is not one of my virtues. I was soooooo annoyed- I wasted so much time and I was absolutely STARVING. Finding my way back was not fun and the long drive back even less fun. It was 5 pm by the time I finally ended up back at my place and by this point I was ready to eat Ryan. Unfortunately he wasn’t home. And I knew he was coming home for dinner in just about 2 hours, so I didn’t want to spoil my appetite for dinner with him by grabbing everything in sight. So, as hard as it was, I limited myself to baby carrots and hummus, knowing that it wouldn’t be too long before I got a chance to eat for real.


I chopped and seasoned everything after I finished my snack, and had Ryan call me when he was on his way home so I could start cooking it and not wait one second to eat after he walked in the door. For dinner I really wanted chicken fajitas, but we didn’t have any tortillas so I settled for chicken fajitas minus the tortilla- the inside is the best part anyway! I sauteed chicken in a whole bunch of spices (salt, pepper, mexican seasoning, cajun seasoning, chipotle chili pepper, crushed red pepper) and also sauteed some bell pepper and onion with s&p. For fixings we had lettuce, fage 0% “sour cream”, guacamole, and hot salsa. Absolute deliciousness. Here is my plate:


After dinner I had some healthy dessert- 2 kiwis, the other 1/2 of my morning banana, and a few strawberries. We have some awesome fresh fruit in the house now thanks to a Haymarket (farmer’s market) trip on Friday. I have definitely gotten my fill of fruits today!


And now I am off to do the mounds of homework for my Spanish class tomorrow night- I always leave it to the last minute! Thanks for reading and goodnight!


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wow, that dinner looks excellent!

Comment by Summer Slim

Wow, love your tasty eats!!!

Comment by Sharon

So much wonderful fruit!

Comment by Lara

Great job on eating healthy on vacation. I’ve NEVER been able to do it. Lots of fruit today! I’m totally in the mood for some now!
And yes, those muffins are totally on my to-make list. 🙂

Comment by Elina

Elina if you’ve never been to Haymarket I seriously suggest you try to go sometime! We spend maybe $15 and stock up on so much fruit and veggies that we can barely carry them all home- its great 🙂

Comment by innascribbles

I think you are using the word “we” incorrectly…

Comment by Ryan

thats true. i do make ryan carry it all back. bring adam!

Comment by innascribbles

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