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Soup Galore (all meals 01/29/09)
January 29, 2009, 5:40 pm
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I got a ton of things to do tonight so I’m going to try to make this post quick! Ryan and I have just decided to go to New York this weekend (we were actually  thinking about it for a while but decided just tonight to actually go ahead and do it). This leaves me with a long list of things to do including packing, not to mention the usual shower and lunch prep, etc. I’m not sure how blogging will work this weekend- my instinct is that I’ll probably just take the weekend off but we’ll see…At the very least I’ll try to snap a couple of pics of the most delicious NY eats and do at least a mini recap. I still haven’t told almost any of my friends about the blog so taking pictures might be awkward…For those of you who took the plunge and have told friends/family about your blog, how did you do it? I mean I can just see everyone thinking I am absolutely nuts…Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated!


I had a yummy yogurt combo in my mind for breakfast but when I woke up I realized we were all out of yogurt 😦 I got some today though, so you should be seeing it posted with tomorrow’s meals, whenever I get a chance to blog those! I can’t wait to try it. Anyway, instead I had to make due with an old delicious standby- lox on arnold’s sandwich thins with 1T of Tofutti better than cream cheese spread. Delicious as always. I have just 1 or 2 more thins left, and then I’m going to venture out and but some whole wheat English Muffins to mix things up and add a little more bulk to this breakfast.



I knew I’d be hitting the gym soon, so I had a pre-workout snack of an apple around 11:00:



I finally had time for a quick workout today and it felt soooo good! Work has been crazy busy so I haven’t been able to go to the gym in like a week! It felt great to finally move today, even though it wasn’t for as long as I’d like (I had to get back to work for a meeting). I took a 45 minutes long steps class, and really made the most of it, pushing myself super hard and enjoying the sweating the whole way through. I also got to test out my new HRM that Ryan got me for my birthday-this thing is so cool!!! For a 45 minute workout I burned 418 calories and had my heart rate wayyyyyyy up (like higher than the HRM said it should be…)


For lunch I brought in a can of Amy’s soup (Lentil and Vegetable) and some veggies and hummus. Unfortunately by the time I finished off the can (I ate the WHOLE thing) I was way too stuffed to put anything else in my mouth. I could barely finish the can as it was. I really enjoyed it though! I am generally NOT a fan of canned soup and was ready to give up on them, but I’m really glad I gave Amy’s a try. It didn’t taste as processed as most other canned soups I’ve tried and was really hearty and delicious. I bought three different flavors, so you’ll be seeing two more new ones soon.



I decided to make Cooking Light’s Chicken Corn Chowder soup for dinner since it’s chilly out and that sounded good to both me and Ryan. You can see the recipe here but I did make a couple of modifications (Earth Balance instead of butter, whole wheat flour instead of all purpose, fat free mozzarella cheese instead of regular cheddar). When the soup was done, it seemed like a great base consistency wise, but was just too bland for me and Ryan (we like things flavorful and spicy!) so I added a whole bunch of extra spices to kick it up a notch (vegeta, chulula hot sauce, chipotle chili pepper, menudo mix). The end result was super delicious! And REALLY filling- super thick and creamy and hearty. Even Ryan who can eat a LOT didn’t finish his bowl (though to be fair it was a big bowl- way more than one serving. and he had a 12 inch meatball sub for lunch. yeah he’s a big eater). I had a bowl of my own and ate as much of it as I could, though I didn’t finish mine either. Here’s my bowl, garnished with scallions:


For dessert I tried something new I bought at the store yesterday- a Vitalicious VitaBrownie. These brownies have ridiculously amazing nutritional stats for a dessert- 100 cals, 6 g of fiber (since they are made with whole wheat flour), and 4 g of protein! Now that’s how I like my brownie! As far as taste, these were pretty good, especially given how healthy they are. They wouldn’t take care of a major chocolate craving, at least not for me since I take my chocolate seriously, but they’re definitely a great healthy after dinner sweet treat. Vitalicious also makes muffins, and cookies so I’ll have to check those out sometime too, but for now I still have three more brownies left.


Ok so I totally did NOT stick to my plan of keeping this post short. AHHHHH, so much to do! Night!


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Haha, I totally have a hard time making posts short 🙂 Two soups in one day, you’re a soup machine! The vitamuffins taste too fake to me – I think because they’re not chocolatey enough for this girl! 😉
I’ve slowly told about my blog to almost all my friends and they all think it’s cool even though I’m still a little shy about it. I say just do it! Everyone has a hobby and you deserve to have one too. Serioulsy all of my friends reacted to it really well and I was very hesitant to tell them about it (sometimes I didn’t even tell them, but my proud sister or best friend would… and then of course I fessed up to it). It’s not fun to keep a secret anyway – there is nothing to be ashamed of. Let us know how it goes! 😀

Comment by Elina

Yeah, I felt the brownie wasn’t really chocolate-y enough either…really good though if you’re craving something just a little bit sweet and want to keep things healthy.

about telling your friends and family about the blog- how did you explain why you wanted to do it? My problem isn’t so much telling them I guess, but justifying why I want one…I’m afraid they’ll all think I’m crazy 😦 I guess I’m less scared of telling them and more scared of all the follow up questioning

Comment by innascribbles

Well why ARE you writing this blog? For me it was a natural progression – I started reading blogs, and then cooking, and then I wanted to share my eats with the world 🙂 I actually haven’t officially told my parents although I think they kind of know, but all my friends thought it was cool. I mean, they’re your friends, right? So they should be understanding. I even inspired a few of mine to cook/eat healthier!

Comment by Elina

Oh, have fun in NY this weekend! Too bad we’ll miss you at the Starbucks tasting. Next time 🙂

Comment by Elina

I LOVE your eats.
I’m a soup fan too, and I go gaga for salmon cream cheese bagels. your version looks yummmmy!

Comment by Erin

Elina- I have a few reasons for writing this blog and why I love it so much, but so many of them are personal that I don’t know if I feel comfortable sharing them with people, you know? I mean I guess I could come up with some generic explanations to give them, but I don’t really want to do that either…
I did end up breaking out and telling one of my very best friends this weekend though, and I feel so good about it. You’re right- keeping secrets is no fun! I just wish I could tell people I have it without more questions that would force me to explain really personal issues to them…

Erin- thank you thank you! I REALLY suggest trying the tofutti if you have access to it- it’s actually super yummy (this is coming from a non vegetarian even though this product is vegan) and really nutritious!

Comment by innascribbles

Hey thanks for your comment 😉 I’ll have to look back at the posts when I overate after dinner and see what I was eating. I know I can’t blame it entirely on that–sometimes it is just a lack of willpower. I’m going to play around a little bit this week with my intake during the day and see if I can see a pattern!
Hope you guys had a great time!

Comment by Lara


Comment by Ryan

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