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Happy girl (brunch + snack 01/25/09)
January 25, 2009, 11:22 am
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Good morning! I woke up quite happy today- I had a great night out last night, slept in until 10:30, and woke up knowing I was going to make my yumy potato boats for brunch. Not a bad start to the day, right?

Backtracking a bit:

Last night we went out to a really fun place in Central Square called Phoenix Landing. On Saturday nights they do “80’s night” and all the music is so fun to dance to! I actually didn’t end up drinking too much at all- just one Bacardi + diet coke (always my drink of choice) because my body just couldn’t take it. Do you ever have nights like that? My mouth just refused to take big sips or to sip more than once every five minutes…After struggling with my drink for over an hour I left it half full and just went to dance. I also had about half of a drink (Bacardi + diet coke) at home before I left so all in all it was only one drink for the night. After a really fun night of dancing, we got home around 1:30 am and CRASHED. I got a full nine hours of sleep and woke up happy and refreshed, ready for my yummy Sunday brunch.


I made my family’s traditional sunday brunch: baked potatoes, cheese, lox, salad (cucumber, red onion, tomato, bell pepper in vinegar). Out of that I made my usual potato boats by scooping out the inside of the potato and filling it with a bit of ranch, lox, cheese, and the salad. It was as amazing as always. Here’s the lox and cheese plate (Ryan’s extra sharp cheddar on the left, my reduced fat provolone on the right):


And the salad:


And then here is my final product, the potato boat! It’s the skin of the potato, a thin layer of ranch, a piece of lox, a piece of cheese, and salad (in that order- can you tell I’m a little OCD?). As usual, I had three of these boats:


The calories for this brunch break down as follows:

3 potato skins- 170 cals

3 pieces of reduced fat cheese- 150 cals

lox- 45 cals

ranch- 100 cals

salad with vinegar- 60 cals

total= 525 cals. Starting the day off right!

A few hours after brunch I had a snack of a Zucchini Spice Bran Muffin. Ok, so, these are BY FAR the BEST muffins I have ever made in my life. They may also be the best muffins I’ve ever eaten in my life ever. I HIGHLY advise you do yourself a favor and make them- they are so amazingly delicious I can’t believe how good they are for you! Thank you so much Lara for this amazing recipe!


I realize my picture does not look so tempting (I don’t have a real muffin pan so I had to improvise) but seriously I cannot stress enough how good these are! I followed self’s recipe but substituted spelnda for sugar and omitted the raisins. I also made 4 muffins instead of 3 (same amount of batter- just smaller). With those changes my muffins are 115 calories each.

So, my running total for today is 640 cals. I feel like I’m on track!

I’m off to run and meet a friend for some thrift store shopping/health food gooodness shopping fun. Hope you’re having a great Sunday!


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Yay! I am so glad you liked them as much as me! Do you not like raisins? And thanks for the shout-out 😀

Comment by Lara

I didn’t have raisins and no, I don’t like them…I thought about subbing cranberries but decided against it…they were so yummy as they were!

Comment by innascribbles

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