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Help please (dinner 01/25/09)
January 25, 2009, 6:23 pm
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Brrrrrr. It’s absolutely freezing out today but I bundled up and headed out anyway. Like I mentioned before, I get absolutely stir crazy if I spend even one day cooped up indoors, and it’s all too tempting and easy to do just that with the way the weather has been here. But today I braved the cold and headed to Jamaica Plain with a friend for some thrift store and health food store shopping. I’m so glad I did- I had a really fun time and it feels good to actually take advantage of the weekend. Among my purchases at the health food store are two little packets of hemp powder for my smoothies- I’ve never had it before so I’ll let you know what I think!


I wasn’t really hungry for dinner AT ALL but I knew not eating wasn’t an option. I already combined breakfast and lunch into one meal earlier today and skipping a whole meal wouldn’t be good. So I sucked it up and made a mexican style taco salad which was actually really yummy. First, I sauteed some lean ground turkey, onions, black beans, and corn on a skillet. For the base of the salad I used romaine lettuce. I also added some red bell pepper, fage 0% “sour cream”, guacamole, and salsa to the mix. Here’s the final product:


Here’s the calorie breakdown: turkey- 133 cals, 1/3 cup black beans- 60 cals, 1/4 cup corn- 27 cals, 1T salsa- 5 cals, 1T fage 0%- 8 cals, 1T guacamole- 25 cals, lettuce + bell pepper veggies- 50 cals. Total= 312 cals.

Added on to my earlier total of 640 cals from brunch + snack this made a total of 952.

I really did not want to be in the triple digits for calorie counting so despite being really full I had a grapefruit, adding 100 more calories to the day


So that makes the grand total for the day 1052 calories.

Can someone please just tell me what I’m doing wrong? I will not be offended. I just want advice that will help me- harsh or not as it may be. I feel like if you look at my meals today and over the last couple of days I am NOT eating little food. I am having good sized portions of well balances meals (I think). However, somehow in the end it’s not adding up to what it should be…Am I counting wrong? Or eating the wrong stuff? Or what? I have never counted calories before and if I wouldn’t have started I would never think my total count for the day would be so low!

Thanks in advance for any ideas/help and goodnight!


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You eat so healthy that it’s hard to criticize. That salad looks fantastic, btw. Again, I think the food scale will help. Also, you can add more calorie-dense foods that will still keep it healthy (EVOO-based dressing on your salad, homemade trail mix, etc). The nut butters are good 🙂 Looking back through the archives you’re a little short on wholegrains, but I know you said you don’t do well with carbs so I assume that is the reason for that 😉 I know weekends are hard with the schedule but obviously if you would have had three square meals, that would have helped you out in the calorie department.
It’s fun to do this because I never get to think “how do I ADD more calories in?” hence the enthusiasm. I’d be interested to see if anyone else has more ideas. This is good practice for me if I really want to be a dietician but I think I am a bit partial with you 😉
How do you eat the grapefruit? Peel it like an orange? It’s always a hassle for me to eat it because I cut it in half and then into little segments so I can scoop it out, but there has to be a more time-efficient way?

Comment by Lara

[…] off, but instead of my usual peanut butter addition I added hemp powder that I bought during my health store outing. Instead of buying a whole big jar of hemp powder I bought two little 90 calorie packets of […]

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