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Special Delivery (all meals 01/23/09)
January 23, 2009, 7:35 pm
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I got a special delivery in the mail today- Barney Butter! I am sooooooo excited that I finally got to try this after hearing everybody else rave about it on their blogs. I would never have gotten to ordering it if it hadn’t been for Heather and Mark over at Hangrypants arranging for am amazingly cool deal on free shipping for Barney Butter– thank you so much guys! I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I got one smooth bottle, one crunchy, and one set of 90 calorie packets- here are my goodies!



I wanted to make breakfast substantial this morning since I didn’t know how long my prison visit would last. I thought I did a really good job but when I went back later in the day and counted calories I realized it was pretty low cal- as in lower cal than I wanted it to be. I had Arnold’s Sandwich thins with 1 T of light cream cheese and some lox. I also hada small banana on the side. Sounds pretty substantial, right?


I was definitely FULL when I finished eating it. However, calorie wise, I didn’t do too great. Sandwich thins- 100 cals, 1T light cream cheese- 30 cals, amount of lox used- 30 cals, small banana- 90 cals. Total= 250 cals. Can you believe this is less caloric than the smoothie I had for breakfast yesterday?? I was going for a higher calorie breakfast in my mind but obviously I failed.


I had a pretty tough visit at the prison today so my mind was on that rather than food. I didn’t get started on making lunch until about 1:00 pm, and even then it’s not because I was hungry but because I felt it was time. For lunch I thought I’d take advantage of being home and have salad ON A PLATE instead of out of tupperware! I had to get creative because of a lack of veggies in the house, but I thought the salad turned out really delicious as evidenced by the fact that I ate every last bite of it. The base of the salad was lettuce spring mix and to that I added red onion, 1/2 chicken breast that I sauteed with pesto, and trader joe’s soycutash mix (edamame, corn, red bell pepper). I dressed it with 1T of rice vinegar. Here’s the deliciousness:


Calorie wise I think I did decent at lunch: 1/2 chicken breast- 125 cals, pesto- 100 cals, veggies- 100 cals, vinegar- 20 cals. Salad total- 345 cals.

After the salad I decided to bulk the lunch up more by having an apple with some Barney Butter. I tried the crunchy variety- SO. GOOD.


apple- 70 cals, 1T BB- 90 cals. Add that to the 345 from the salad and my lunch was a grand total of 505 cals. Not bad right? If breakfast would have been a little higher in calories (as I thought it was before I counted) I think I would have been on track for the day.


Ok, I’m pretty proud of dinner today. I made what my mom calls “Indian meatballs” but really that’s just because of the spices we add to make them taste Indian-y. The base of the sauce for the meatballs is neutral and super healthy and you can add whatever spices you like to give it whatever kind of ethnic spin you desire. Basically, these are boiled meatballs made from lean ground turkey and the base sauce they are cooked in is a sweet potato puree. I added curry powder and a variety of other spices to turn the sweet potato puree into a healthy curry of sorts, and it turned out pretty well! For people who love Indian food but do not love the copious amounts of calories that go along with it, this is a perfect solution. The sweet potato puree is simply just boiled sweet potatos and water that I blend in a bullet- that’s it- no cream, butter, or anything of the sort. So healthy but really quite indulgent tasting because the sweet potato is so creamy- don’t you love that? So dinner was 3 big meatballs in the sweet potato puree base. Ryan had his over rice but I’m not a big rice person so I ate it plain:


Calorie wise, again not so great but I didn’t realize it until later when I started counting. Turkey- around 200 calories, 1/2 sweet potato- 90 calories. Total- 290 calories. Anyone know if spices have calories that I can be adding to this running total?

For dessert I had the same thing as yesterday- a grapefruit (100 cals) and 2 calcium chews (40 cals)cimg29791

So the dinner total for calories was 430- definitely lower than I was aiming for.

Grand total calroies for the day- 1185. I didn’t do so good. I know it may sound weird to some people that I am trying to eat more calories, but I am not one that generally stuggles with eating too many calories (unless it’s a yummy dessert!)- I tend to struggle with eating too little calories if anything. I know this may sound like a positive thing, but in my case it’s really not. My body really doesn’t respond well to it- I’ve seen nutritionists about it and the way my body works is that it tends to hoard those calories that I give it because it is worried I won’t give it enough…or something like that. Which seems weird to me because I’ve never had an eating disorder and in my mind have never given my body a reason to have this worry- I always feed it when I feel hungry. Stupid body won’t trust me. But the bottom line is that eating less than 1400 calories a day isn’t good for me and actually makes me gain weight rather than lose it. Grrrrr. My ideal range would be to eat between 1500-1800 calories a day, and I’m going to work harder to do that. Either that, or get frustrated of trying to force myself to eat when I’m full and give up. Just kidding. I hope. I have talked to Ryan about this and he says “jsut have an indulgent dessert after dinner or something like that” but I really don’t want to fill my body with those kinds of calories. After all, not all calories are equal, right? And while I would like to up my daily intake of calories from what it’s been in the last two days, I don’t want to do it by eating sugary treats, etc. Ideas? Thoughts? Any would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I’m just countingΒ  my calories wrong and not assigning food enough calories?
Thanks for reading and for any and all the input! Night guys!


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I said that jokingly. What I said was for you to not buy everything ultra lean or ultra light. The hot dogs that you buy have 40 calories. That just doesn’t seem right for a full sized hot dog. Isn’t it better to have the normal amount of fat in a hot dog if it helps you get to 1400 or 1500? Barely coming in at 1000 doesn’t seem right because you eat a good amount of food.

Comment by Ryan

First of all, the Hebrew National delicious hot dogs I buy are 45 calories, thank you very much.

I don’t think buying full fat meat is the way to go. Yes, I buy lean ground turkey rather than the full fat ground turkey, etc but I don’t think adding fat and calories to my diet through meat is really the way I want to go…Any thoughts from other fellow bloggers?

Comment by innascribbles

ps you’re only saying you said it jokingly because I called you out on my blog πŸ™‚

Comment by innascribbles

First of all, I’ll tell you your wrong anywhere thank you very much. Second, round to the nearest hundred and it still rounds down to 0.

**sticks tongue out at you**

Maybe not full fat meat, but how about not diet EVERYTHING!

Comment by Ryan

I see you typing right now.

Comment by Ryan

And now too.

Comment by Ryan

I do not buy diet everything. geez, you’re full of lies today.
This exchange is officially over- I think we’ve given people enough info about our dysfunctional relationship for one day πŸ™‚

Comment by innascribbles

You’re right, I don’t think produce comes in “diet”

Comment by Ryan

You just don’t know when to stop

Comment by innascribbles


Comment by Ryan

I am glad you liked the Barney Butter and glad we could help out with the shipping. πŸ˜€

I have a suggestion for your breakfasts – instead of the Arnold Sandwich Thin (which I love, too!) maybe an Ezekial English Muffin – they are delicious and have more claories.

Comment by Hangry Pants

I REALLY appreciate your help with the Barney Butter- I honestly would not have ordered it if it wasn’t for you and now I’m afraid you might have got me hooked. That’s right, after just one time trying it πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for the Ezekial English Muffins suggestion- I’ll definitely have to check those out next time we do our grocery shopping! As long as they come in 100% whole wheat/ 100% whole grain variety I am definitely down.

Comment by innascribbles

First of all, not a rice person? We cannot be friends.
I am so jealous that you get to try Barney Butter! That will be a good addition to get in more healthy calories. The nut buters add up quick, don’t they?!
I think you have a good attitude about the whole thing and know what you want to work on. It doesn’t have to come overnight.
Oh, and I would never count spices in my calorie count but I am interested to talk to anyone who does.
Ryan, the reason why Inna doesn’t load up on regular soda and full-fat hot dogs is because she is looking for QUALITY calories. Soda isn’t a food group. She knows what she’s doing. Leave her alone.

Comment by Lara

Aw, sorry to disappoint you about the rice Lara- there’s something about pasta and rice that just doesn’t jive with my taste buds. I don’t hate them, I just don’t really like them and would usually rather eat more veggies/protein. You will see an exception, however, when I go out to Indian food. the sauce with the rice is pure goodness.
Thanks for defending my choices to Ryan πŸ™‚ And for the words of encouragement! I’m going to keep working on it and hope I get better. I think the starting to count was good because if I didn’t I would have been sure I ate ate least 1500 calories the last two days!

Comment by innascribbles

Yay for Barney Butter! I can’t wait to try some! Great dinner! I think it’s important to get your calories from the foods that are good for you…like BB! Although, a treat every now and then is totally worth it. We only live once! Have a great Saturday!

Comment by strongandhealthy

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