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Numpty (all meals 01/22/09)
January 22, 2009, 7:14 pm
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Man, I’ve been such a spaz today! I don’t know what it is, but as soon as I stumbled out of bed I could tell that my mind and my body weren’t really working together today- each decided to do its own thing- such a weird feeling. It persisted the whole day and led to some not so good happenings. I’m definitely going to try to get to bed earlier tonight and hope that helps me function better tomorrow.


For breakfast I whipped up a delicious smoothie. I usually avoid those when I have to go into the office because our “blender” (the bullet) is pretty weak and it takes it a LONG time to blend together all the frozen fruit. But I had a brilliant idea last night and took out the fruit I wanted to use from the freezer and put it in the fridge overnight. When I woke up this morning it was all defrosted and the bullet took maybe 15 second to whip it all up? Awesome! In the smoothie there is mixed frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries, and pineapple), as well as frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries), and 1/2 of a small banana. I also added a splash of 1% milk and a scoop of peanut butter to it as well to make it more substantial- delicious! I stopped drinking smoothies for a while because it’s freezing out, but I’ve missed them too much to wait until it’s spring again.


After breakfast is where my spacyness began. My body walked itself out the door and over to the subway, and my mind was on hiatus, completely forgetting to tell me to bring my camera with me to the office! Normally this wouldn’t be a problem because we have an office camera and I could just use that to photograph my food, but someone was on a prison visit today and took it with them. Grrrrr. If I told my friend Chloe about this (she’s English) she would say “Inna, what a numpty you are!” That was one of my favorite words I learned living abroad in Scotland- numpty. It’s hard to explain because there’s not really an American equivalent, but it’s kind of like “silly goose” or something of the sort though that doesn’t really capture it…Any English readers care to explain? I am obviously failing miserably! It’s one of those things you learn from hearing it in context a lot…Chloe was a fan of calling people numptys so I heard it a lot πŸ™‚ And talking about this just made me miss her so much 😦


Anywho, although I didn’t have my camera I can recreate my midmorning/pre-workout snack for you with old photos. I had an apple and a light string cheese:



Well, I went to my steps class today and had a sweaty workout just as planned! Unfortunately my spaziness was still with me, my brain and body were not working as one unit, so I twisted my ankle by stumbling off the step when doing one of the moves. Of course everyone turned to look at me (all 30 people or so- embarassing!) and rushed to see if I was ok, so I had to pretend I was, smile, and keep going. I went on doing all the moves for the rest of the class, and now my ankle doesn’t feel so hot. It’s not horrible (aka I can walk) but it definitely feels sore and can only be comfortable in certain angles. That class is dangerous if you’re not on your A game- I’ve seen people fall in class quite a few times!


I am so happy with my lunch today! And so sad I don’t have a picture of it to show you guys! I figured I needed a break for the salad for lunch thing, so I made trader joe’s chicken and vegetable gyoza potstickers (just under 300 caloriesΒ  worth) and had some sauteed veggies on the side: bell pepper, green beans, peas, and trader joe’s organic soycutash mix (edamame, corn, red bell pepper). I was stuffed by the time I was done! Actually I couldn’t eat it all in one sitting- I ate it over the course of two hours πŸ™‚ It’s kind of weird because the whole lunch was around 400 calories, but it was soooo filling! For some reason I’ve been set with this idea of salad for lunch and something else for dinner but I might try switching it up and try having salads for dinner more so long as I have a more substantial lunch. I really enjoyed not having a salad for lunch today.


I was still pretty full from lunch when I got home so I didn’t start dinner for a while. This was a nice change because I’m usually starving when I get homeΒ  (since my lunches have been so light) and have to start cooking as soon as I walk in the door. Today I chilled out for a while, watched some TV, and made pasta for Ryan while I pondered what I wanted (I’m not a big pasta fan). I wasn’t too hungry, so I made myself a very quick and fairly light dinner: raw bell pepper, sauteed green beans, and an open faced arnold’s thin sandwich- 1/2 of an arnold’s sandwich thin, taramosalata spread, spring lettuce mix, a piece of cheese, and a piece of turkey- yummy and very filling for just about 300 calories.


For dessert I had a grapefruit and 2 calcium chews (I remembered today!)


I have never really counted calories before (it bugs me) but I’m wondering if I should start? What I normally do is just try to make sure that all the food I buy has a reasonable amount of calories for what it is (ex: no more than X amount of calories for a piece of cheese, etc) and then go with the approach of trying to have healthy, balanced meals thinking the calories will work themselves out. I tried to do a rough tally of today’s calories and am about 1260 as far as my calculations go- please tell me if I’m off on something and allotting it too little calories as I’ve never done this before:

breakfast- 300 calories (100 peanut butter, 200 fruit)

snack: 120 (70 apple, 50 string cheese)

lunch: 400 (300 potstickers, 100 veggies)

dinner: 300 (around 210 for the 1/2 sandwich, 90 for veggies?)

dessert: 140 (100 grapefruit, 40 for 2 calcium chews


That seems pretty low I guess, but I was really full ALL day- I almost didn’t have dinner…What are your thoughts about counting calories in general? Like it? Hate it? Should I do it?

I got a prison visit coming up tomorrow so I may have to pack another emergency lunch/emergecy snack. There’s crazy goings on happening and I have to visit 4 guys! Hopefully I’m not stuck there all day. Night everyone!


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Ok, I know you’re not really asking me these questions since you mostly already know what I think but I want to share them anyway. It’s funny that you counted your calories at the end of the post because after I saw your dinner I contemplated estimating them and then pestering you for not eating enough! 1260 does seem low, and it might even be a bit generous. Especially with an hour-long workout! Not trying to be preachy but you did ask πŸ˜‰ I know you’ve seen nutritionists and stuff in the past so you probably know how many calories you should be eating.
About the ankle story, that is kind of funny except you really should have stopped! Bad Inna!
Great lunch idea. I love lingering over lunches at work, too. If I have salads for dinner they really need to be huge, and even then I am overcoming a mental instinct that it’s not enough (even when it is).
My favorite English word that comes to mind…I can’t type it here if your blog is PG πŸ˜‰ It starts and ends with a “t” and in the middle there is “wa”. Hehe.
Ok, sorry, long annoying comment. Good post. Talk later.

Comment by Lara

Your smoothie looks delicious!

Comment by strongandhealthy

Lara can I just say how much I love your comments? About the calories…It is lower in range than I would aim for (I’d like to keep it around 1500-1800 a day ideally) but I really was so full all day. Maybe it’s the type of food I was eating? I don’t know. Because there are definitely days I eat more than 1260 and am not as stuffed as I was yesterday. What do you think about counting calories in general? Last night was my first time trying it, and to be honest it seemed kind of like a pain…do you think it’s worth the hassle and effort to do so? Maybe it gets easier with time as you learn how much calories your most common foods have, but I had to look up everything (apple, grapefruit, etc) and it was not so fun.
About tha ankle, ok, i agree, bad inna (and i’m paying for it today) but i didn’t want to seem like a baby in front of the class- it was embarrassing enough!
Love your favorite english word! Have you or Matt heard of numpty?

Comment by innascribbles

Thanks Michelle! So glad you commented because I am new to the blog world and it allowed me to find your blog which looks wonderful!

Comment by innascribbles

Heh, it’s funny – I had the same reaction as Lara. When I read your post today, I thought: this is not enough food in one day and started estimating in my head how many calories you ate. I think at least 1200 calories is ok as long as you’re not padding this number. I think some days we’re just not as hungry and it’s ok to be a little low on calories (as long as it’s above 1200!) knowing that you’ll probably eat more on other days – that’s why I try to stay within a range. I suggest to try estimating maybe for a few days to make sure you are eating enough food, but don’t count calories if you don’t want to. I know for me, counting helps me stay on track although honestly it’s still about being motivated. Like last night, I was so good and then I just broke down. This morning, I actually estimated how much I ate last night and almost got a heart attack. I mean I knew it was bad, but still that number isn’t pretty and I’m gaining weight 😦
Anyways, that’s my 5 cents! πŸ™‚
That smoothie looks amazing. Is it filling enough for you? I feel like I’d be starving within 30 minutes of polishing it off πŸ˜€
Hope your ankles feels better! Something like that happened to me last year. It sucked!

Comment by Elina

I think I’m going to take your suggestion Elina, and at least estimate for a few days to see where I’m at. If I hate it, I’ll stop, but I should at least give it a shot, right? Any tips on how to make counting calories any easier?

I never thought smoothies would be filling enough for me either, but you’d be shocked how filling you can make them if you add something other than fruit. I have been using peanut butter for more substance, but I know other people use various protein/hemp powders, etc, and I might give those a try too. Just fruit I would be hungry again in 30 minutes too, but try adding something to bulk it up! It’s nice because I don’t feel stuffed after having one for breakfast, but I am surprisingly not hungry for quite a few hours after having one…

Comment by innascribbles

I use to count calories. After a while, so many of my favorite foods are already in “my favorites” section that it takes minutes to input everything in. Calorie counting is definitely not for everyone, though, so just try it out and see for yourself.

Comment by Elina

Thanks for the recommendation Elina! I’ll try sparkpeople!

Comment by innascribbles

These postings are growing almost exponentially in length…Start arranging your food in interesting ways to spice it up.

Comment by Ryan

Just saw these comments. Elina, it always amazes me that on nights when you end up eating a lot, you continue to count the calories! For me, if I know I am heading that direction, I just stop. πŸ˜€
Inna, in general I always (relative term!) have a gauge of how many caloreis I have eaten (i.e. I know I try to keep breakfast within 400 calories, so when I make it I estimate that it is within that range). That has always worked for me but lately I am struggling with maintenance, not loss, so I am in new territory and therefore in the past week or two I have been counting almost every calorie. It’s easy with a food scale + calorieking.
Your banana might be more calories than you think. I continue to be shocked with the variance of banans each time I put one on the scale. However, that said, even with the banana, your breakfast is definitely low-cal and I would say that most of your meals tend to be. (Certainly not a criticism, just pointing out my observations.) That is why I think we have different eating styles! I prefer to eat lots of calories at one time πŸ˜€ But I think your style is actually better for weight loss, and you seem to be a lot more capable of listening to your body than some.
I say, keep counting the calories if it gives you perspective, but I wouldn’t get too obsessed over the number if you find yourself hungry or not hungry and it doesn’t match your count.
I once heard that it’s less stressful to look at nutritional intake over 3 days instead of one. So, if you have a day where you know you ate 1200, the next two days even it out with 1800 or something. Same with food groups. That makes nutrition a little more approachable for most people I think!
Longest comment EVER.

Comment by Lara

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