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Back from DC (breakfast 01/20/09)
January 20, 2009, 7:10 am
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Good morning! I am back from DC and although I am bummed to have left I am so excited to start blogging again- I really missed it! Ryan and I had a wonderful trip- it was so cool to see the energy in the city this weekend. We did a few touristy things but mostly chilled out with good friends and meandered around looking at all the pretty sights DC had to offer. Ryan actually lived in DC for a few months this past summer, so he took me to see his neighborhood, his favorite restaurant right by his house, etc- it was really cool seeing it since I couldn’t be a part of that with him (not that I’m complaining- I was traveling around Europe and a bit of the middle east with my two best girlfriends!). Here’s a photo of me with some very pretty buildings in the background- this little area reminded me a lot of San Francisco (home) and made me really happy:


We also went to a really cool little farmers market on Sunday morning- everything was SO delicious and I even managed to snag some pear butter to bring home with me. You’ll be hearing me rave about it sometime soon. Here’s a photo of me with the most delicious tasting apple EVER- see how happy I am?


Suffice it to say that was one of the few healthy eats of the weekend. I was staying with friends who don’t care AT ALL about eating healthy. That combined with my vacation mentality was not good. I am so ready to get back to normal eating habits now- my stomach was not pleased with me this weekend


I started off this morning on the right note- a yummy smoothie that I enjoyed despite the freezing weather. In the smoothie is a whole bunch of different frozen fruits- peaches, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. I added a little 1% milk and 1T of peanut butter to the mix. I am sipping on it as I type.


I have to run to a doctor’s appointment now and am hoping to finish early enough to make my 12:15 bootcamp class. After that is work and then a quick dinner before my first Spanish class tonight!


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Inna you are so adorable. The first photo is especially pretty 🙂 So glad you guys had a nice weekend!

Comment by Lara

Thanks Lara 🙂 The weekend was great, but I am so happy to be back to normal eating/working out! And to this blog- I am shocked at how much I missed it!

Comment by innascribbles

Pear butter?! Sounds cool! 🙂
Those pictures are so beautiful! I’ve never been to DC. I think I need to go when it gets warmer.
Great job on getting back on track. I can’t stay healthy when I travel. My vacation mentality definitely kicks into high gear. Too bad you didn’t take any pics – I’m sure your eats were delicious! 😀
Btw, I love that you have the same name as my sister! And I think you’re even the same age.

Comment by Elina

The pear butter is DELICIOUS- when I try it out on something I’ll do a full review and post the ingredients (which are so cool and all natural!) but the sampling I tried there was amazing.
I have the same problem when I travel- it really got out of hand this time though because being around people who just want pizza all the time makes it hard to eat healthy…I wish I had pics to post but I’m still getting used to this blogging thing and telling people- any advice on how to do it? I’m always scared I’ll get made fun of…

And I love that your sister and I share the same name! I also go by innz and inziz, not to mention the obvious inka and inochka 🙂

Comment by innascribbles

I also want pizza all the time; that doesn’t stop you from eating healthy when you are at home…

Comment by Ryan

I have no problem saying no to you 🙂

Comment by innascribbles

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