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Clarification (breakfast and lunch 01/14/09)
January 14, 2009, 1:23 pm
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Happy Wednesday! I’m back from prison and spending the rest of the day working from home. A friend of mine told me I might want to clarify referencing to that so casually so here’s the deal: I work in a prisoners legal services office and as part of my job I often go on prison visits to see cleints of ours. So you’ll often hear me referencing going to prison or coming back from it- no need for alarm whenever that comes up 🙂


I had breakfast early today because I had to leave the house earlier than usual…I wanted something substabtial since I didn’t know how long the prison visit would take and when my next food option would be. Sorry to be boring, but I had almost an exact repeat of yesterday’s breakfast- the only difference is that I used light cream cheese instead of taramosalata spread. Breakfast: arnold’s sandwich thins topped with a thin layer (about 2 teaspoons) of light cream cheese and some lox:



I was STARVING by the time I got out of prison around 1:30 pm. I guess I’m used to a midmorning snack! Plus breakfast was around 7:30 am so quite a while had passed since I’d last eaten. I was way too hungry to wait until I got home to eat (it’s over an hour drive) so I ate my emergency  lunch I packed the night before in case this happened- an almonds and apricots flavored kind bar and two clementines. Lunch had to be something I could eat while driving and late last night this was the best I could come up with:


An afternoon snack might be in my future. Either that or an early dinner. For now, though, I’m doing ok.

And to finish the post off on a fun note: I’ve been tagged by Lara! Thanks Lara! Hope you enjoy this bit of  info about me!

4 Favorite Memories from 2008

1. Graduating from college

2. Backpacking through Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, and Israel with my two best girlfriends

3. My first trip to Israel which happened in March of 2008

4. Finding out i was offered my dream job

4 Favorite Movies in 2008

1. I’ve Loved You So Long

2. Role Models

3. Juno

4. Walle

4 Favorite Foods of 2008

1. Greek yogurt

2. Larabars

3. Arnold’s Sandwich Thins

4. Almonds

4 Places I loved in 2008

1. Israel

2. Turkey

3. San Francisco, California (Home)

4. Eastern Europe/Balkans area (Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro)

4 Events I loved in 2008

1. Graduation

2. Trips back home to be with family/friends

3. Travels with my girlfriends

4. Moving in with Ryan

4 Things I liked in 2008

1. Discovering the blog world

2. Decorating my very first apartment

3. Discovering spin class

4. Joining an awesome gym

4 Things I’m looking Forward to in 2009

1. Working on my blog

2. Starting on law school applications (well not looking forward to the application so much as going back to school)

3. Moving to a new apartment so we can get a weekend puppy through the prison pup partnership

4. A vacation sometime in March

4 People I Tag

1. Julie

2. Elina

3. Lindsay

4. Veggiegirl


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Don’t think I didn’t notice that I am fourth on your list of favorite events; you will pay.

Comment by Ryan

I should have made a note to say that the order of those lists do not signify their importance. Sorry!

Comment by innascribbles

Damage done.

Comment by Ryan

You’re so forgiving. That’s one of the qualities I love most about you.

Comment by innascribbles

The consequences will be dire.

Comment by Ryan

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