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Percy Pigs!!! (all meals 01/13/09)
January 13, 2009, 7:26 pm
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Ok so today was not great starting out but has gone way uphill and that’s mainly thanks to an AMAZING package I got from a friend and fellow blogger 🙂 But I’ll get to that eventually when I get to dessert. Starting at the start:


I was having one of these really deep sleeps last night so waking up was a huge pain. I made myself a delicious breakfast as consolation- Arnold’s sandwich thins topped with a thing layer of taramosalata spread and some lox:


At work I started feeling kind of weak and got a headache but decided to push myself to go to the gym anyway because I don’t think I can go Wed-Fri (prison visits scheduled for all those days). Pre-gym I had a snack of a light string cheese and two clementines:



Well, the gym didn’t quite go as planned. I was supposed to take a super intensive bootcamp class but I started to feel really lightheaded almost at the very start of the class. I pushed myself for about 20 minutes but felt REALLY faint, so I left the class. After drinking water and resting for 5 minutes, I decided to try the treadmill and that worked out much better for me. I did intervals- a minute power walking followed by a minute running (and repeat) for the rest of the time I was supposed to be in class. Not quite the same but at least it was something, right?


Lunch was consumed super late today- I’m talking like 3 pm. I wasn’t hungry at all when I came back from the gym and then work got crazy busy with the phone ringing nonstop. By the time things slowed down it was around 3 pm and I was really hungry. I warmed up the 2 galuptse I brought from home and ate those, followed by 2 more clementines. Vitamin C overdose anyone?



For dinner I made one of mine and Ryan’s favorites- a burrito bowl! I got the idea for this from Chipotle’s burrito bowls, but modified it to make my own version. It’s really pretty easy to make- sauteed lean turkey breast, onion, bell pepper, corn, and black beans topped with mexican seasoning (I use salt, pepper, a bit of garlic, cajun seasoning, chipotle chili pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes). I pile that on top of some romaine lettuce and add “sour cream” (nonfat greek yogurt), guacamole, and salsa. It’s kind of like a burrito except without the tortilla- super yummy! I had mine with a serving (9 chips) of organic yellow corn tortilla chips. As for the bowl, I ate about 1/2 of what is pictured:


And then came the best part of the day- dessert! The lovely and amazing Lara sent me the best birthday package ever! I told Lara a while ago that my favorite candy EVER in the history of all time is Marks and Spencer’s percy pigs.” Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my waistline) this candy is only available in the UK and I was OBSESSED with it during my year studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. Being the thoughtful and wonderful person that she is, Lara remembered me mentioning this to her and sent me two packages of percy pigs for my birthday alongside a beautiful birthday card. Thank you so much Lara! Here are my babies:


Ryan and I started fighting over these immediatly 🙂 Of course, he recognizes the awesomeness of these candies and of course, i dont want to share. Supplies are, after all, limited. I immediately dug in and had four of these babies after dinner (Ryan had one but I’m sure he’ll sneak more after I go to bed):


Ok, seriously, for anyone reading this blog you HAVE to try these. I am all for health and eating well, etc, but there are some things you just have to let go of all that for. Percy pigs are one of them. These are seriously better than I remember them being and I remembered them being super delicious so that’s saying a lot! Thanks again Lara- you really made my day!

After dinner I went out for drinks with a friend I haven’t seen in a LONG time. This is actually the guy that used to work in my current job position before he went to law school, so I met him through training with him for taking over the job. At the bar I drank 1.5 bicardi + diet cokes (my drink of choice)- I didn’t have the guts to take pictures- sorry!
Alright I’m off to crash into bed- gotta get up earlier tomorrow because the prison is a whiles drive from where I live. Hope you had a good Tuesday!


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I’m glad you got them!! The lady at the post office joked that she might eat them before they got to you. And then I looked at her and worried that she wasn’t joking 😉
Love your burrito bowl!
What is taramosalata?

Comment by Lara

P.S. I just “tagged” you on my blog–no pressure though! 😉

Comment by Lara

Lara I love them love them love them- thank you sooooooo much! It was so thoughtful of you!
Glad you like the burrito bowl idea- its quick and easy and definitely a staple dinner at our house.
taramosalata is a spread you buy at the russian store though my friend recently told me they have it at trader joe’s/whole foods too now? It’s a caviar based spread I think and it’s definitely VERY taste specific- you either love or hate it. i love it 🙂 i was out of light cream cheese yesterday so i had to use that instead under my lox…

oh, and about the blog tagging/blogroll etc- I’m totally cool with it. i think i’m pretty much over my initial shyness 🙂

Comment by innascribbles


Comment by BLOG GOD

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