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BAD. DAY. (all meals 01/09/09)
January 9, 2009, 7:14 pm
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Ugh. Today has NOT been good. Well, it started out alright but went way downhill after 5:00. Usually Fridays after 5:00 I’m super happy and excited for the weekend, but it’s really off to a bad start. Ryan and I were going to make a quick Costco/Trader Joe’s run but when I got off the subway Ryan called to let me know the trip was canceled- my car was broken into and the front passenger’s side window was completely shattered. For some reason the culprits decided this was not enough and decided to mess up the driver’s side window too- though this one is not shattered it just doesn’t roll up or down at all. Thank god nothing was stolen (well there was nothing TO steal- my GPS was inside where I keep it now ever since my old one was stolen when my car was broken into about 2 months ago). This thing will not only cost an arm and a leg to fix (about $500-$1000 is the current estimate) but is also a complete pain because there is a storm coming tomorrow and we are expecting around 8 inches of snow so this needs to get done ASAP. Like as soon as the shop opens tomorrow morning- there goes my morning Saturday workout I had planned with one of my favorite classes (steps again with the same instructor)

On top of everything, Ryan got sick tonight with either a stomach bug or food poisoning or something.  The poor guy is really not feeling well and it sucks knowing there is nothing I can really do to make it better for him.

Sorry to moan and whine and be such a downer. Hopefully things will turn around for the better tomorrow.  For now, here are today’s eats:


I started off my morning with some toasted whole grain Arnold’s Sandwich Thins topped with a thin layer of light cream cheese and some lox. It was really delicious- I’ve never had this for breakfast before but I think it’s going to make it into my diet pretty regularly from now on! It’s quick, healthy, and a really nice change from the yogurt combos I so often have.


Morning Snack:

Around 11 am my tummy started asking for some food so I had a KIND bar while I waited for Ryan to come meet me for lunch. This was the “almond and apricot” flavor and it was SO. DELICIOUS. Seriously I think this is my favorite bar. Ever.



A few hours later Ryan met me at my work and we went for a quick lunch before heading to the farmers market. We decided on Cosi which actually does a really great job of combining speed with tons of healthy, delicious options- definitely a great choice if you’re in a hurry but not wanting to stop for junk fast food. I ordered a chicken melt sandwich with sun-dried tomato spread on flat whole grain bread. The sandwich listed on the menu didn’t have any veggies on it so I asked them to add some and they did! I got it with lettuce, tomato, and onion. And I managed to fit in some more veggies by having some baby carrots on the side. The sandwich was super delicious- I love Cosi’s flatbread- it’s at least as thin if not thinner than the “Arnold’s Sandwich Thins” and packed with delicious flavor!


After the lunch break Ryan and I braved the freezing wind to go to Haymarket- a local farmers market open only Fridays and Saturdays suring daylight hours. Haymarket is amazingly cheap- I”m talking like 3 or 4 times cheaper than getting produce at the grocery store- so that’s good motivation and gets us to go there pretty often. We definitely stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies! After I got back to work I ate a pear that we bought there- delicious!



After work there was the whole car mess to deal with, and I made a recipe that takes about 1.5 hours, so dinner was not until really late (like 9ish). I made a Russian favorite- galuptse! This is basically stuffed cabbage (stuffed with turkey breast that is mixed with a bit of brown rice, fried onions, shredded carrot, and various spices) that is cooked in a tomato based sauce- I’ll definitely post the recipe sometime soon. I’ve never made it myself before- only eaten my mom’s- and I must say it turned out pretty good for a first try! There are TONS of leftovers so you’ll probably be seeing a lot of this in the next week- sorry in advance!


After dinner I had a bit of dessert- some grapes (yummy) and a nectarine that I had to throw out after one bite- it was REALLY gross.


Here’s to a better tomorrow!


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UGH, that totally sucks about your car. SO sorry, Inna. Tell Ryan I hope he gets better.
Thanks for your comments on the blog-love all the feedback.
What a healthy dessert! 🙂

Comment by Lara

Thanks for the sympathy Lara! We’re just calling around now to compare prices for fixing it, so I’ll let you know how it goes! Talk this weekend if you have time?

Comment by innascribbles

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